ANTM's Most Unforgettable Makeovers, Meltdowns, and Melodramas ...

America's Next Top Model gave the world 22 cycles in 12 years, averaging two seasons of dramatic makeovers, epic meltdowns, and increasing contrived melodrama, oh yes, but also fierce looks, fabulous photos, and some genuinely amazing contestants. I'll confess, I stopped watching after the absolute clustermug that was the All-Star cycle when Alison got robbed, but I recently caught a rash of reruns and realized I really will miss the show. I mean, where else will we get moments like these?

1. Elyse's Epic Rant

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As meltdowns go, this one was both the tamest and the most intelligent rant ever witnessed on ANTM. Remember how innocent Cycle 1 was? This also cemented my enduring love for Elyse – seriously, if you were enamored of this smart, feisty pixie girl, too, check out her old LiveJournal!

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