The Best Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ...


The Best Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ...
The Best Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ...

Who are the best real housewives of Beverly Hills? Every Tuesday night I watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s one of the only reality TV shows that I watch, and with good reason. For years I anxiously awaited for the next episode of every Real Housewives program until I finally got tired of repetitive storylines and the too real scandals. I continue to watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because the cast is still entertaining and they actually embody the original point of the show: rich women with breathtaking lifestyles. Tonight I have decided to rank the current main cast members. Here are the best real housewives of Beverly Hills.

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Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa is the face of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for many reasons. She has a gorgeous home, every animal imaginable, thriving businesses, a successful spin-off, and OG status on the show. This often makes her the target of many on-screen takedowns but they have all failed because she is an integral part of the cast. She's definitely one of the best real housewives of Beverly Hills.


Erika Jayne

At first, I didn’t get the hype over her but now I see it. Erika is a relaxed person with a dry sense of humor and an outrageous alter ego. She provides perfectly executed commentary without trying too hard and she manages to stand out in the cast while keeping her cool. She also gets points for her tagline: Some people call me cold, but that’s not ice. It’s diamonds.


Teddi Mellencamp

This one is a trickier situation because she is a brand a new housewife so we haven’t seen all of her flaws, but I find her very refreshing. She is very different from her cast members and acts as a viewer on the show. Basically, she looks at them like they have three heads when they ruin every event thrown on the show.


Lisa Rinna

I go back and forth with Lisa Rinna. At times I find her charming and other times not so much, but she brings something to the cast. She plays her role on the show and does it with a certain amount of joy. She’s at her most tolerable when she’s sparring with Lisa Vanderpump and hanging out with Erika.


Kyle Richards

Kyle is another OG in this cast but in my mind, she will always be the second string player. Don’t get me wrong she is liked by viewers and has the right lifestyle for the show but there’s something missing. If she was a little more skilled in her manipulations and spent less time scheming behind the scenes then she would be higher up on the list.


Dorit Kemsley

Everything about Dorit is a disaster and that’s most likely the reason she was hired. She is completely lacking in self-awareness and unable to let things go for the sake of the show and everyone else’s sanity. She is the clear villain of the show and sadly she is oblivious to it all.


Casting Recommendations

Remove Dorit, bring Eileen back to the show, and make Camille a full-time cast member.

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