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I love my iPhone apps, like so many of us do, and these apps for movie lovers are some of my top favorite apps ever. Many are available on various devices, not just the iPhone. Check out these apps for movie lovers and enhance your next theatre experience. They’re helpful, make checkout a breeze, and help you ditch those waiting lines. Enjoy!

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Fandango itunes.apple.com
This app is my top favorite movie app and one of the best apps for movie lovers. This app has everything you need. You can browse movies, find theaters in your area with all listings and times, watch trailers of each movie before you go to see if there is one that interests you, and even purchase your tickets ahead to avoid standing in lines at the theater. This app is also free, which makes even more awesome.


Mobile Movie Reviews

Mobile Movie Reviews ssl.apple.com
This app is pretty generic, but is very useful to be so simple. In this app, you can search for reviews on movies and DVDs. You can also fast forward through the process of watching tons of trailers or asking friends. Simply read which movies got the best reviews and go from there. I find this extremely useful when I want to use Redbox or watch a movie on Netflix. I just search the best reviews and go from there. This app is free.



Netflix itunes.apple.com
This app gives you the complete theater experience at home or on the go through your phone. You can sign up for a Netflix account online and download the free app. You get a one month trial, and the cost is only $7.99 a month to subscribe per month after that. Then, you can use the free app and watch any movies or shows anywhere on your phone, or on your computer. I love, love, love this app. I’ve watched movies on planes, in the car, or simply listened to it while I worked out. I also like that I can catch previous seasons of my favorite shows on Netflix. Even if you only use the one month free trial, give it a go and see if you don’t love it too! While you don’t need the app to have a Netflix account, you need an account to make the app worthwhile. Best of all, this app is 100% free! You can cancel your subscription anytime.



IMDb itunes.apple.com
IMDb is the top free movie app of all movie apps. It’s magic comes from the feature that you can bring the movie theatre magic into your living room, or on the go at any time you want. IMDb has one of the biggest online movie databases available and the ratings are really reliable. I personally use it to check movie ratings, view trailers, find out about upcoming movies and see when my favorite TV series air.


Movies from Flixster

Movies from Flixster itunes.apple.com
This is another great app to watch movie trailers, find showtimes, get critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, and share movie ratings with your friends. I personally love how you can quickly see if a movie is worth watching or not, fairly quickly through this app. You can also find out new upcoming films or DVD releases. This is one of the top movie apps for movie reviews and is the most downloaded movie app on the iPhone. It is also 100% free.



RunPee itunes.apple.com
Okay girls, this is a fun app and a useful one for when we need a bathroom check on a date or really just need to go and don’t want to miss the best part of the movie. With this app, you can check when the best times in a movie are to run to the restroom to avoid missing a fantastic scene or critical turning point in the movie. Just pretend you’re texting your Mom or something if you’re on a date! He’ll never know the difference!



Crackle itunes.apple.com
Want to watch a free movie on your phone? Crackle is for you, my dear! This app is free, easy to use and perfect for wanting to chill out and watch a movie, completely free of charge. You can also access the app on your iPad or computer too. Crackle has unlimited, on demand viewing, all genres of movies, plus new movies and TV episodes are added monthly.



Redbox itunes.apple.com
If you’re a Redbox fan, you’re going to love this app. You can find and reserve movies or games with the Redbox app, and then just go to your local kiosk near you to pick it up. You can also see movie rentals available, watch trailers and reserve any DVD or game you wish. You can create a favorites list, which will show you your top picks for movies and games, which narrows down your choices when you visit the kiosk. You can also use the handy GPS tool featured in this app which will show you any Redbox location near you for the most convenience. Best of all, this app is free.

If you like movie apps, then I’m sure you probably have a few of these apps already. If not, I hope you’ll check some of them out. I love pulling out my phone to make the movie process easier, more fun, and best of all, I can bring the theater right in my living room if I wish. What are your favorite movie apps?

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RunPee is the best app!! My bladder hates me so it comes in extremely handy!

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