9 Astonishing Helena Bonham Carter Transformations That You'd Have to See to Believe ...

There are so many Helena Bonham Carter transformations that absolutely astound me. Helena is one of my favorite actresses, and often the outfits and quirks that put her on fashionistas' naughty lists are my favorites, but that love is nothing compared to what I feel for her movies. Even when she's not terribly outlandish, she still transforms herself, her mannerisms, and her personality in amazing ways that speak of her talents and her flair for the theatrical. Check out my favorite Helena Bonham Carter transformations and see if you don't agree.

1. Elizabeth Taylor

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This transformation is actually from the film that prompted this post. Many actresses have taken on the role of Elizabeth Taylor, including Lindsay Lohan. I kind of agree with some critics that Helena looks a bit like Delta Burke in this movie, but still, it's one of my favorite Helena Bonham Carter transformations because she's nearly unrecognizable. The quirky, funky, out-of-the-box actress we all know and love takes on a timeless, classic, and elegant look, and besides that, she does beautifully channel Liz's special brand of hauteur.

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