7 Awesome Shows That Have Ended That We're Sure to Miss ...


This TV season has been a big year for shows that are ending. Not only have a ton of classics decided to pull the plug this year, but there have also been a ton of new TV shows that have been canceled too soon and have left campaigning for more episodes. Whether these shows were on for ten years or thirteen episodes, these are the shows that we’re already missing this year!

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Mad Men

Don Draper and company are close to ending their nearly eight-year run on AMC. The last season is airing in two parts, with the second part starting in April. Even though it technically hasn’t ended yet, fans are already preparing to say goodbye to their favorite characters.



Parenthood recently ended, which led to many tears, as each episode did throughout most of the series. This finale led to big life changes, though, that are sure to make fans upset for years to come. Don’t fret, though, Parenthood fans. Jason Katims has hinted at a Boyhood-esque reunion movie, which is sure to please every fan.


Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation ends with a bang this month. After throwing a massive, three-year time jump at us last season, this season is being shown as a seven-season event. Although it’s always been a quieter, critically acclaimed comedy, the seven week event completely changed that, making it one of the most-buzzed about shows on TV this year.



Although Selfie only lasted a few episodes on ABC before it was canceled and the remaining episodes were aired on Hulu, fans came out in droves trying to save the show. As a result, it became one of the most talked about new shows of 2014, and one that everyone’s sad to see go.


Cougar Town

Cougar Town is set to end its six-season run, which began on ABC and is ending on TBS, this year, and people are already mourning the loss. Like a lot of shows this year, the final season ends with thirteen episodes, meaning that it’s set to come to an end very soon.


The Newsroom

After three seasons as one of the biggest shows on HBO, The Newsroom came to an end. It starred some of the biggest stars we’ll ever see on television, including Jeff Daniels, Jane Fonda, Olivia Munn, and Chris Messina, to name a few. The show was an homage to the journalism world, and if you’re looking to break into that world yourself, you may want to watch it if you haven’t yet.


A to Z

A to Z was just another casualty of the 2014-2015 TV season. So many new shows ended this year that it shouldn’t have been a shock. Even still, though, I was shocked when it was announced after a few episodes that NBC wouldn’t order any new episodes, but that they’d air the remaining episodes. It recently came to an end, meaning that the fans started campaigning to bring the show back, unfortunately to no avail.

What shows were you sad to see go this year? I already miss Parks and Recreation, and it’s technically not even over yet, but I really miss Selfie, which I was not expecting. Give me some suggestions for the shows that have ended that I need to check out in the comments!

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Sons of anarchy and breaking bad for sure!

Sons of anarchy!

Carrie diaries!!! Twisted!!! Terra nova!!!

Breaking bad and sons of anarchy 😢

I want selfie back :(

The secret circle

breaking bad

How I met your mother and Dexter

A to Z!

You know what show am gonna miss sons of anarchy

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