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7 Best Cameos from a-List Celebrities ...

By Vladlena

It’s nice to follow along with a movie until you suddenly see the unexpected yet familiar face of a well-known actor or actress, making what can potentially become one of the best cameos in a while! It’s especially exciting when those actors embody special characters who add more depth to the story and the whole plot overall. Plus movies packed with some of the best cameos from A-list stars are just that much more exciting and shocking, so they leave us wanting more!

1 Channing Tatum in This is the End

We are used to seeing Channing Tatum take on the roles of strong and dominating males that symbolize the epitome of manliness, but in this uniquely filmed and directed post-apocalyptic movie Tatum shows the humorous side of his personality and makes one of the best cameos ever. He gently pokes fun at himself by portraying a slightly more… inferior character. It’s refreshing to see a huge star like him agree to something others would think twice about.

2 Bill Murray in Zombieland

Bill Murray is a widely loved actor, so it’s not surprising that his cameo appearance is basically the highlight of the movie. He steals the show by playing himself in post-apocalyptic Hollywood, and brings more laughter to the audience in a three-minute clip than in the whole movie combined!


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3 Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street

After playing an undercover narc by the name of Tom Hanson in the FOX series ’21 Jump Street,’ Johnny Depp agreed to come back for a little treat for all of the fans! What’s so great about his cameo is that the film never foreshadows it, so his reveal comes completely out of nowhere!

4 Neil Patrick Harris in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Neil Patrick Harris pops on the screen to portray a wild version of himself that pops pills, gets around with the ladies and cannot be tamed when it comes to parties! This cameo became so popular that Neil Patrick Harris later got another extended cameo in the sequel!

5 Tim Robbins, Ben Stiller and Luke Wilson in Anchorman

Here, we are not talking about a single cameo but several cameos by various well-known actors in just one movie. The hilarity of this scene escalates as each character’s humor bounces off another’s, forming an unforgettable and massive cameo.

6 Hugh Jackman in X-Men: First Class

This X-Men film mainly explains how it all started with the mutants coming together to protect their kind, so viewers get a glimpse of where their favorite characters were before they became who they are. In this case we get to catch a glimpse of Wolverine as a lone and intimidating soldier!

7 Matt Damon in Eurotrip

Matt Damon plays the hilarious role of a lead singer in a college band that is having an affair with someone else’s girlfriend. And of course, what better way to break it to the guy that his girlfriend is cheating on him than to sing it during a graduation party? And that’s exactly what Matt Damon gets to do!

Small cameos from unexpected guests are always fun, especially when their characters play a surprisingly important part in the storyline. However, we also don’t mind catching a glimpse of our favorite stars just for comedy purposes. What are some of your favorite cameos on this list?

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