9 Best Movies about Dancing ...

Whenever I am looking for a movie to watch, I tend to gravitate towards movies about dancing. Something about watching people break into dance to show their feelings, or even just show off their talents, is super entertaining for me. There are so many movies about dancing that show off so many different types of dancing. Here is a list of a few of my top dancing movies, although it was hard to pick with so many incredible choices.

1. Dirty Dancing


So I thought I’d start this list on movies about dancing with one of the most popular movie about dancing, Dirty Dancing. The classic moves, Patrick Swazye making me swoon, and the ever popular “I Had The Time Of My Life” lift. This is probably the go-to movie about dancing for most people…and that’s perfectly acceptable.

2. Step up


Step Up started an entire series of dance movies I am in love with. I have noticed that as the movies go on, they become less about the story and more about dancing, but I am sort of okay with it. The movies are produced and directed by the same people who make So You Think You Can Dance, so I love seeing all of my favorite dancers from the show making it into movies and showing off their skills.

3. Black Swan


This movie became widely popular for its twisted plot and risqué scenes with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that is has incredible dancing in it. Most movies about dancing don’t usually feature ballet, which is why Black Swan stood out to me so much. There is no denying that the movie features top notch dancing and really shows the struggle of the life of a ballerina.

4. Hairspray


Hairspray is probably one of my favorite musicals not only for its infectious music, but also for its incredible dancing. This movie focuses on one girl's goal to be a feature dancer on a local TV show. One of the reasons I love Hairspray so much it because it uses dance to talk about other issues, such as racial discrimination. It shows that dance can speak to people and chance the world.

5. Top Hat


What would any list on movies about dancing be without a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie? Although this dancing dynamic duo has tons of incredible movies, Top Hat stands out to me the most. The wacky screwball humor of the '30s mixed with the classic dance moves make Top Hat one of my favorite movies about dancing from Fred and Ginger.

6. Saturday Night Fever


This movie started a revolution of disco dancing. The classic scene of John Travolta walking down the street to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees is iconic. Saturday Night Fever documented the struggle of life in the '70s, but also showed how passionate some people can be about dance and how it can be a influential part of their lives.

7. Footloose


It’s time to kick off your Sunday shoes! Footloose is one of the most popular dance movies and it even got a remake a few years ago. Although I never saw the recently redone version of Footloose, the original with Kevin Bacon will always be my favorite. And you can’t even say that the soundtrack wasn’t amazing!

8. Billy Elliot


This movie about dancing will always have a special place in my heart. It is about a young boy who wants to follow his dreams of dancing, against his father’s wishes and bullying from his schoolmates, and is sure to warm your heart. Not only does it have incredible dancing, it inspires you to follow your dreams against all odds.

9. Center Stage


The main reasons I love Center Stage so much is for the final scene with that incredible dance number. Center Stage is such an incredible movie about dance because it takes a closer look into what it takes to become a professional ballet dancer. It takes more than natural talent and a dance lesson; it takes years of training and dedication to even be considered.

What are your favorite movies about dancing? What do you think of these movies about dancing? What makes a good dancing movie? Should they be more about dancing or more about storyline?