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18 Best Rap Songs Ever ...

By Melissa

If you like rap music you probably have your own opinion on what are the best rap songs. With over three decades of rap it is hard to choose the absolute best. Lucky for you I gave it a try and even included videos for your viewing pleasure. Check out my list 18 of best rap songs ever. I am sure you will find something here to enjoy.

1 Gangsta's Paradise
This was such an inspiring movie with an equally inspiring song. Coolio did a terrific job putting to words just what gangster life is like. “They got the situation, they got me facin' I can't live a normal life, I was raised by the stripes So I gotta be down with the hood team Too much television watchin' got me chasin' dreams.”

2 All I Need
”You're all that I need, I'll be there for you If you keep it real with me, I'll keep it real witchu Loving your whole schemes, it be in there boo On top of that you got the good Power-U.” Method Man offers some great relationship advice right here. You tell me the truth then I’ll tell you the truth too.


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3 Mama Said Knock You out
As a kid I thought this song gave me full permission to throw punches at my little brother. Mama said, right? What gets me about LL Cool J is he looks the same today as he did back then. Hot!

4 Parents Just Don't Understand
“You know parents are the same No matter time nor place They don't understand that us kids Are gonna make some mistakes So to you, all the kids all across the land There's no need to argue Parents just don't understand.” I can totally recall feeling like this as a kid, wish I had took his advice and didn’t bother arguing. What about you, did you relate to this song growing up?

5 Gin and Juice
No surprise that “Gin and Juice” would be on the list of best rap songs. I mean , Snoop Dogg is one of raps greats. “May I kick a little something for the G's? And, make a few ends as I breeze through Two in the mornin' and the party's still jumpin' 'Cause my momma ain't home.”

6 Knock the Hustle
I don’t know what it is I like about this song. Usually I’m not a fan of music that’s all about how much fame and fortune one has. I think it’s the flow JayZ brings and the beautiful voice of Mary J Blige in the hook.

7 Hip Hop Hooray
I can’t even think of a more fun song to start a party, get a crowd rallied up, or to dance around the living room while no one is watching. That’s why this song is on the list of best rap songs ever. Don’t you agree? “Hip hop hooray, ho, hey, ho, hey, ho, hey, ho.” Admit it you just waved your hands from left to right.

8 Walk This Way
Long before I ever knew anything about rap I was a huge Aerosmith fan. It makes perfect sense that Run DMC and Aerosmith collaboration with “Walk This Way” would be a best rap song too me.

9 Push It
What’s not to love about this song? It’s just straight up raw female sexuality. Salt-N-Pepa didn’t even try to hide it. They let them boys know exactly what they needed. “Ah, push it.”

10 Stan
I fell in love with Eminem from the very beginning. He’s had many great rap songs, but I couldn’t put them all on the list of best rap songs ever. I choose “Stan” because it was the first time we seen a different side of Eminem. “But she don't know you like I know you Slim, no one does She don't know what it was like? For people like us growing up You've gotta call me man I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose Sincerely yours, Stan P.S. We should be together too.”

11 Ms. Jackson
Has anyone else done a song to their mother of their baby mama? That is just genius and I have to give Outkast credit. This song, to me, seems like it is coming from a father who isn’t being allowed to be a part of his child’s life. That’s sad. Ms. Jackson let this boy come on out to the fish fry for his baby.

12 Tha Crossroads
This song just breaks my heart. The lyrics are deep. It’s all about their friends and family being murder and their prayers to be saved from that situation. It’s about how they miss their loved ones and asking what are you going to do to change it. The saddest part is, over 15 years later and in some inner cities nothing has changed at all.

13 Regulate

14 Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang
“Gimme the microphone first, so I can bust like a bubble Compton and Long Beach together, now you know you in trouble Ain't nuttin' but a G thang, baby.” Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre joined forces to make this awesome best rap song.

15 Keep Ya Head up
”And when he tells you, you ain't nothin', don't believe him And if he can't learn to love you, you should leave him 'Coz sista, you don't need him And I ain't tryin' to gas ya up, I just call 'em how I see 'em.” I love 2Pac for lifting up women and letting them know their full value. Women deserve the upmost respect and it takes a true man to do just that.

16 Paul Revere
The Beastie Boys are amazing. They did a great job of paving the way for white rappers like Eminem and Everlast. It’s so sad that Adam “MCA” Yauch died earlier this year. But their legend will live on forever.

17 Slippin'
We learn a lot about DMX from the best rap song. “Damn, was it my fault, somethin' I did To make a father leave his first kid at 7 doin' my first bid? Back on the scene at 14 with a scheme.” As you can see he didn’t have an easy life.

18 It Was a Good Day
What best rap song list would be complete without “It was a Good Day.” You know Ice Cube, I must agree any day I don’t have to use my AK is a good day in my book too.

Tell me what you think about my list of 18 best rap songs ever. I hope you like the songs I picked up, but I know I have left plenty of them out. What songs would you add to the best rap songs ever.

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