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There are a lot of people whose favorite part of watching the show is the theme song, so it makes sense that there are so many unforgettable theme songs. Some are more recognizable than others and there are probably some you don’t even realize you know. Personally, I love theme songs and I wish there were more on TV now. So let’s take a look at some of my favorite unforgettable theme songs!

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Fresh Prince

Who can resist finishing the sentence "In West Philadelphia born and raised...?!" I know I can’t! This is probably one of the most recognized theme songs for my generation. I can’t think of a theme song that more people I know could finish without even hesitating. It’s so rare that there are original theme songs on TV these days, but this song shows that sometimes theme songs live on longer than the show itself.



This isn’t an original theme song, but anytime that someone hears "I’ll be There for You" by The Rembrandts I’m sure they think of "Friends." Not only is this song catchy, but it also describes the friendships in the show perfectly. I love "Friends" and I really love the song too. Everyone loves a catchy song and it doesn’t hurt if the show it’s connected to is great too!


The Addams Family

Another original theme song! These are my favorite kind because they’re tailor made for the show which makes them special. This song is even more fun because of the snaps involved. Thinking of this song makes me want to go watch the show, now that I think about it maybe that’s what I’ll go do. I guess that’s what makes a theme song successful and therefor unforgettable.


The Big Bang Theory

One of the only shows on TV these days with a theme song, let alone an original theme song I had to put it on this list! It may not go down in the history books as one of the best theme songs ever, but that’s probably because "The Big Bang Theory" is still on. I love this theme song and wouldn’t be surprised if, years after the show has ended people still find themselves singing it randomly.


The Brady Bunch

"Here’s the story of a man named Brady…" There are probably people who could resist finishing this song, but I’m not one of them. Even while typing this list I’m humming the song to myself. What is great about this song is that it is a great intro for the show if nobody has ever seen it before. The song is a perfect way to give the background story of the show in a fun and catchy way!


Happy Days

This may not be an original song, but it is definitely a lot of fun to sing and dance to. Also, it has become almost synonymous with "Happy Days." Who can forget that’s where the catchy tune is from? For a lot of people, especially younger people, watching this show is probably the first and only time they’ve heard the song. I don’t know what could make a theme song more unforgettable than being so synonymous with a TV show.


Golden Girls

I love this song. I may be biased because of my love for "Golden Girls," but I think it’s a great and unforgettable theme song. I wouldn’t say it’s the most unforgettable out of all of the songs on this list, but it definitely is for me and my friends. "Thank you for being a friend…" is a great first line to start off a song that sweetly describes friendship. If you can’t remember how this song goes, then go watch an episode and refresh your memory!

Well, now that I have "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song stuck in my head I wonder which theme songs are your favorites? Sadly not all shows have theme songs that make a lasting impression on their fans. What theme songs did I miss that you would have put on a list?

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One tree hills "I don't wanna be..." One of my favorites.


I know it's a cartoon but Kim possible gets stuck in my head 24/7 it's my favorite and while we're on cartoons my cousin even though he is my age still sings Danny phantom! That's so Raven (alot of Disney hmmmm) boy meets world (later seasons) I have alot more but ill stop there, I defiantly miss theme songs

Full house! And dawsons creek saved by the bell bev holls 90210

I love those shows

Kim Possible should actually be on the list. But this was a great list!

The secret life of an American teenager "lets fall in love"

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