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Composer John Williams has composed the scores of almost 100 movies to date, alongside a number of television soundtracks, classical pieces and Olympic themes. It’s no surprise that he holds the Guinness World Record for having had more Oscar nominations than any other living person. The list is incredibly long and it’s hard to single out individuals, but here are 7 unforgettable John Williams soundtracks

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Star Wars

Composing the music for a series of six films spanning four decades is achievement enough in itself, but the Star Wars soundtrack is a true masterpiece. It consists of a number of very different pieces, capturing very different moods and settings such as battle, fear and love, yet Williams blends them all together beautifully to create an unforgettable soundtrack that is known by people all over the world.


Harry Potter

Williams composed the music for the first three Harry Potter films. His brilliant “Hedwig’s Theme” has been used in the other five films too. The music is as magical as the films themselves, which is why Harry Potter is one of the most unforgettable John Williams soundtracks.


Indiana Jones

John Williams composed the music for all four Indiana Jones films. As a result, he received a number of Oscar and Grammy nominations for his scores. The soundtrack brilliantly captures the sense of adventure which is so prominent in the Indiana Jones series, making both the films and the soundtrack memorable.



By the time he was composing the music for E.T., John Williams had the writing of soundtracks for science-fiction down to a fine art. After all, he had already worked on two Star Wars films, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and television series Lost in Space. The way that the E.T. soundtrack captures both the sense of the extraterrestrial and the friendship of a lonely boy and a friendly alien undoubtedly makes this one of the most unforgettable John Williams soundtracks.


Schindler’s List

Spielberg’s startling representation of the Holocaust is brought to life by Williams’ soundtrack. The relatively simple yet deeply melancholy soundtrack alongside the subject matter is enough to move even the most hard-hearted person to tears! The movie and music work perfectly together.

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Williams’ Jaws soundtrack is so good that you hardly even have to watch the film; you can just listen to it and know what is going on! The music creates an incredible amount of suspense and it tells us that a shark attack is coming before we have even seen the creature. Horrible, but it certainly makes Jaws one of the most unforgettable John Williams soundtracks.


Fiddler on the Roof

Sadly, few young people today are familiar with this film but they may be more familiar with the music than they realize. Gwen Stefani’s “If I Was a Rich Girl” is an adaptation of the song “If I Were a Rich Man,” which features in Fiddler on the Roof. The film won three Academy Awards and it’s a true classic so check it out!

Here I have chosen some of my favorite and just fantastic pieces. However, the list of unforgettable John Williams’ soundtracks is packed with fabulous music to suit all tastes. Which is your favorite?

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