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8 Good Chick Flicks That I Love ...

By Heather

Good Chick Flicks are something that every girls needs to have in their DVD collection. I have a ton of different good chick flicks that I pull out when it's just us girls, no guys. So ladies, stick a 'Girls Only' sign on your door and check out my list of good chick flicks that I absolutely love and can't live without!

1 Bridesmaids

I just recently saw Bridesmaids and I regret not seeing it in the theaters! It was so, so so funny and honestly, one of the true good chick flicks out there. It's got a cool plot, a little cattiness and tons of one-liners (which is always what I look for in good chick flicks) – so settle down and finally rent it ladies, it's out on DVD now!

2 27 Dresses

I'm not actually the hugest fan of Katherine – I liked her in Grey's Anatomy, but that was about it, until 27 Dresses. This movie is so cute, so sweet and totally at the top of my collection of good chick flicks! It's one of those chick flicks that might seem a little cliche, but the acting, the one-liners and the funny parts truly make this awesome movie a fav of mine!


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3 The Truth about Cats & Dogs

This movie is an oldie but a goodie. It's one of the few movies where Janeane Garofalo looks beautiful and vulnerable at the same time. I love the premise and I love the fact that (spoiler alert!) they end up together. Not all guys are looking at just the looks, personality means something too and this movie really showcases that!

4 Bridget Jones's Diary (1 & 2)

Oh-em-gee – I can't get enough of Bridget. Not only am I obsessed with these two movies (mainly for Colin Firth, 'cause I would have his babies anytime at all), but because Renee Zellweger is awesome. Her British accent, the way she portrays the character and her overall acting in this movie is incredible. Have you read the books? I have and it is almost as if Renee was born to play this role. They are both quirky, funny and by far, my favorite good chick flicks in my collection!

5 He's Just Not That into You

This is another movie that I think that every single girl needs to see. Sometimes ladies, the guy is just not into you and this movie lays it all out on the line. I love the raw honesty and I love the fact that Justin Long is in there and is so honest. It's a great flick to watch any time and with anyone!

6 Sex & the City (1 & 2)

Sex & The City are the ultimate chick flicks for girls. I watched the series all the time when it was on and even now, I own the entire series on DVD. The movies are just as quirky, just as funny and have that Sex & The City characteristics in them! So ladies, pull up a chair, get some popcorn and curl up with all the gals from Sex & The City!

7 Confessions of a Shopaholic

Sometimes you just feel like buying something. Sometimes you feel like spending all the money in the world on Gucci. This adorable chick flick is so, so cute, so funny and it's one of the few chick flicks I can watch over and over again!

8 The Devil Wears Prada

Finally, we get to the masterpiece that is The Devil Wears Prada. Miranda Preistly actually made me love my job and made me grateful for my bosses and made me love the fact that I will never own a blackberry. This is the ultimate flick if you are looking for a funny, stylish and fashionable little movie to watch!

So ladies, that is my list of the top 8 good chick flicks out there! These are constant movies in my DVD player and they are my go-to movies whenever I am feeling down in the dumps. What good chick flicks do you recommend? Did I miss any?

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