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This year has brought us many great rom-com flicks, so I thought I'd take a look at some of the top romantic comedies of 2011. After all, I adore the genre, even if I'm not always willing to admit it. Still, it's been a great year for them, even though it's only a little over halfway over. There may be more and better rom-coms as the year progresses, but for now, check out my list of the top 8 romantic comedies of 2011!

1. No Strings Attached

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People were really worried that this would just be the end for Natalie Portman, but it turned out so good that it easily became one of the top romantic comedies of 2011. It wasn't deep or meaningful, it was certainly no Black Swan, but it was a really sweet movie, albeit a bit predictable.

2. Prom

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Prom was a romantic comedy of a new sort, because it was made mostly for high schoolers. It was still adorable, and made me pretty nostalgic for my own prom days. It's no John Hughes flick and there's a lot of fluff, but it's still pretty fun.

3. Something Borrowed

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If you ask me, you just can't ever go wrong with Kate Hudson. I'm not the hugest fan of Ginnifer Goodwin, but even she was cute in this movie. The premise is a little off – I don't know too many women who would sleep with their BFF's fiance, drunk or not – but they make it word, adding just enough drama in with the comedy.

4. Just Go with It

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You'll kind of have to excuse me here, because I'd happily add Adam Sandler to just about any list. Really, though, I loved this movie. He doesn't always have great luck with rom-coms, but for me, this is definitely one of the top romantic comedies of 2011. Besides, it also had Nick Swardson in it, and he's my favorite gross little guy.

5. Bridesmaids

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This movie is like the female equivalent of The Hangover. I kind of hate what they did to pretty Melissa McCarthy, but other than that, it's a pretty solid comedy. It's nice to see Maya Rudolph in a starring role, and Kristen Wiig is always hilarious. There's no real romance, besides the promise of a wedding, but that's okay.

6. The Art of Getting by

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This has an incredibly all-star cast – Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Blair Underwood, and Rita Wilson – so it promises to be a great movie. It's a kind of dramatic romantic comedy, but sometimes those are better – a little levity to the humor can only make the story richer, you know?

7. Larry Crowne

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I haven't seen this yet, but I'm dying to. I'd see Tom Hanks act in an adaptation of The Three Little Pigs, if it came to that. He gets fired because he doesn't have a college degree, and so decides to get one. And guess who's there? Julia Roberts, omg! But really, it looks like it's going to be awesome – better than that movie where he just lives in the airport or whatever. There is just no question that this is going to be one of the top romantic comedies of 2011.

8. Friends with Benefits

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Justin Timberlake. Mila Kunis. This is basically No Strings Attached with a different cast. Why did it thus make the list? Because I love JT and Mila! They should totally date.

At the moment, these are definitely the top romantic comedies of 2011 – at least in my book. If you've got a favorite that didn't make it on the list, don't be afraid to sound off! What are your favorites, and what rom-coms are you looking forward to as the year continues?

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