8 Classic Romantic Comedies ...


8 Classic Romantic Comedies ...
8 Classic Romantic Comedies ...

Classic romantic comedies are among my very favorite movies. I love to laugh, and I admit it, I love happily-ever-afters, too. If I can get both things out of one movie, I'm golden. There are a lot of great rom-coms out there, some of them well loved, some of them instant classics. I put together a list of what I really think are the most classic romantic comedies, so keep reading and see if you agree!

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Pretty Woman

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You simply cannot have a list of classic romantic comedies without including this classic Cinderella story. Rich, unhappy man meets hooker with a heart of gold. Hooker teaches him what it is to laugh and love. Tragedy strikes – oh, no, wait a minute, it's okay! Rich man conquers final fear (of heights) to rescue the love of his life. I'm being tongue-in-cheek, but trust me, whenever I catch this on, I watch it all the way through to the end!


It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night Price: $7.49 at amazon.com
I'm absolutely crazy for Clark Gable, and this is one of his best movies. Made in 1934, it's definitely classic. Even more than that, the story is charming. Gable is a newspaper man, who meets and falls in love with Claudette Colbert, a rich heiress who's running away from all that wealth.


Annie Hall

Annie Hall Price: $7.99 at amazon.com
I'm also a big fan of Diane Keaton, and of many of Woody Allen's movies as well. This is a classic comedy that helped make Keaton famous, and it's one of Woody's best movies. Naturally, he plays a compulsive and neurotic character, but it's Keaton's turn as a bubbly free spirit that makes this worth watching.


Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle Price: $9.21 at amazon.com
Tom Hanks is practically the king of classic romantic comedies. Goodness knows I'll watch him in just about anything – I love this man! Naturally, Sleepless in Seattle paired him with Meg Ryan, who falls in love with his character without ever meeting him – it's mostly due to the story he tells about loving his dead wife on the radio. These two are rom-com gold, but between this and You've Got Mail, I always choose this one.


Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday Price: $7.49 at amazon.com
You know Audrey Hepburn had to make this list somewhere, especially since I'm writing it. Goddess! She had many adorable rom-coms under her belt, but I think this fulfills the needs of the genre best of all. Besides, it was her very first starring role! She's a princess who, like Colbert, runs away from her riches because she wants to enjoy Rome on her own – until the journalist played by Gregory Peck comes to her aid.


When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally Price: $10.49 at amazon.com
Another classic rom-com, this features The Scene – the one where perky Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm right out in the open. Instant classic! The basis of this movie is also classic for romantic comedies: Harry and Sally have known each other for years, but only after assorted heart breaks and failed relationships do they realize that maybe they're meant to be together after all.


The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story Price: $11.98 at amazon.com
I absolutely adore Cary Grant, who played in his fair share of classic romantic comedies. Being paired up with Katharine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart got him to the gold, though. It's a total screwball comedy, with three men vying for one woman … and guess which one she ends up marrying?



Shrek Price: $14.99 at amazon.com
This might seem like a surprising choice, but I love Shrek. It's one of the only romantic comedies out there that proves beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. It doesn't have anything to do with love. Hey, it was this or Shallow Hal, you know?

I love each and every one of these movies, and have watched each of them several times. I may have them memorized, but they're so amazing, that I'm still always keen to see what happens next! Which flicks would be on your list of classic romantic comedies?

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Love Shrek!

I love Clark Gable! And It Happened One Night is one of his best! Great post

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