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9 Great Chick Flicks He Will Love Too ...

By Jordin

Great Chick Flicks that he will love too can be hard to come by. Many guys would rather watch something blow up or see a car chase than anything even relatively girly! But that doesn't have to be the case anymore! With this list of great chick flicks, you can find a happy medium-a movie you can both enjoy together! No more arguments over what to watch tonight because you found this list with some of the great chick flicks that I promise he will love too! Keep on reading and then prepare for date night together!

1 My Best Friend's Girl

I love this movie because I love Kate Hudson, but even more than that, this movie has some of the crudest humor ever! You get your girly, romantic love feel, and he will laugh his butt off-actually you both will! My husband can sit through this movie and enjoy it, so I know other guys will too.

2 Ever after

If you're looking for great chick flicks your guy will love, this may be a little different from your typical girly movie but it's still on my top 10 list. It's your average cinderella story, but the most believable and endearing one I've ever found. Your guy will enjoy seeing chivalry at its highest point with sword fights and horse chases and you will love the romantic and sweet ending. I never get tired of this one!

3 What Women Want

So what guy wouldn't want to be able to read women's minds? Mel Gibson does exactly that in this great chick flick and the results are hilarious! This is a power that I'm sure many men wish they had, but thank goodness they don't, right ladies? Let's just enjoy the laughs the movie brings and leave it at that!

4 The Proposal

I never tire of Sandra Bullock or Ryan Reynolds and they team up to make a fabulous pair in this chick flick that you both will get plenty of laughs from! Sarcastic humor is at it's very best but the ending is better than you expect. Even if you've seen this one before, rent it again for a fun re-run. You'll both like it just as much the second time around! And trust me, he'll immediately understand why it's on the list of great chick flicks!

5 No Strings Attached

This funny chick flick is definitely one that your man will enjoy with you and here's why-it's all about sex! Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman portray a couple who decide to be friends with benefits and you get plenty of laughs in the process! Don't worry, there's nothing TOO's just enough to make a point and they make it well!

6 Killers

This is one of those great chick flicks that has a few car chases and explosions in it-and yes, a little more of Ashton Kutcher. Hey, he's a funny guy! And paired with Katherine Heigl they make quite a splash. I never would have pictured them acting together but they pull it off and pull it off well!

7 Fool's Gold

For those of you into treasure hunting types of movies, here's one with a girly twist to it! Fool's Gold is a great chick flick and my husband and I have both seen it together several times. It has its hilarious moments but what I really love is the sarcastic humor sprinkled liberally throughout the entire movie! You'll get your kicks for sure on this one!

8 Miss Congeniality

What can be hotter than a woman who carries a gun? How about a sexy woman who carries a gun? This movie is all about trying to turn an average woman into a hot bomb so she can take out the bad guys-and she does it with a bang! Your guy will love the action, humor and long legs as much as you do! Seriously, this is what great chick flicks are all about!

9 Dirty Dancing

Here's a great chick flick that's an oldie but a goodie. This movie brought us great dancing! Plus it has Patrick Swayze. And you can't beat 50s music! My husband actually loves this movie, so I know guys can sit through it.

See? Great chick flicks that he will enjoy too are not as hard to come by as you might think. I hope you found a few great chick flicks to watch with your man from my list today. And there are many more out there! What are some of YOUR favorite great chick flicks?

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