9 Irrespressible Movies Hollywood Should Remake ...


9 Irrespressible Movies Hollywood Should Remake ...
9 Irrespressible Movies Hollywood Should Remake ...

Movies Hollywood Should Remake- sounds kind of like an oxymoron. But let’s face it, Hollywood is no stranger to remaking movies again and again, whether they’re needed or not. What old but timeless stories does the modern world need to see? What old movies would look fantastic with today’s CGI? What original movies were garbage, and just needed a different director to do them justice? See if you think these are 10 remake worthy films

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Once upon a Time in the West

This definitely makes the list of movies Hollywood should remake, as it was originally a flop in its 1969 theatrical release in the USA, but is now considered a great western classic. This 1968 Italian-Western film became a landmark for future westerns. With a modern culture-savvy director, this film about a harmonica-playing hero who’s out to rescue a pretty lady, deep character development and a get-rich-quick mentality could be a great movie remake and one hell of a ride.


Star Wars Episodes I, II and II

Because they were frankly just a bit rubbish. I mean, compared to the potential they had: successors to some of the most iconic films; updated CGI; Samuel L. Jackson; intricate Jedi political plots that’ll satisfy any geek’s thirst for knowledge, etc. Don’t get me wrong I am an absolute Star Wars nut but looking back the films did not live up to their expectations. If they were remade with better acting (no Hayden Christensen), better script writing and with less cheese, then they would get the review ratings the Star Wars legacy deserves.


Around the World in 80 Days

Possibly to be done again in the future, since the abysmal Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan 2004 version still resonates painfully in our ears. The story of Phileas Fogg and his companion Passepartout has an endless reign of fun, humor and adventure. The concept has a huge following, with many alternative versions. I’m sure there will be another Hollywood remake somewhere in the future.


The Incredible Hulk

Iron Man, Batman, Captain America and X-Men are all superhero films which have done well, so this really deserves to be one of the top movies Hollywood should remake. The Hulk, being part of The Avengers, should have been better. Hopefully a remake that could capture Bruce Banner’s internal conflict would make The Hulk a bit more popular.



It has a genuinely good concept, running alongside other disaster films such as The Day After Tomorrow. With environmental issues becoming more complex and serious, a Hollywood remake blockbuster about the polar ice caps melting could make for a successful summer flick.


The Breakfast Club

A teenage drama but with an edge. Not wanting to encourage yet another ‘Brat Pack’ but High School Dramas and antics will always be a source of great entertainment and self-reflective food for thought. A modernization of this movie would be for today’s teenagers to relate to the meaning of stereotyping, relationships, communication and most importantly, friendship. Of course, to really be one of the movies Hollywood should remake, the casting on this would have to be impeccable.


The Wizard of Oz

Imagine a remake of this movie without all of the singing, and a focus on the incredibly dark moments and themes that this story entails. Remaking it into an R rated version with a terrifying hurricane, a crushed witch (who turns Dorothy into a grave robber all for some pretty shoes), and those wretched flying monkeys, this could be the next best horror film out there.



This film made a huge financial loss. Over-ambitious financial marketing, and cursed with disasters, this is a film that could do with remodeling. It also didn’t help that it got a reputation that equaled a sack of dirty laundry due to its two leads, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton having a public affair to match their character roles. Perhaps with better budgeting and no publicity nightmare, this could make for an thought-provoking movie about a genuinely interesting historical figure. Plus, the decadence makes it an ideal choice for one of the movies Hollywood should remake.


The Wicker Man

Or really, most films Nicholas Cage has been in. Including City of Angels, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Ghost Rider, Gone in 60 Seconds… yep. All utter flops. Not much more to be said. The original Wicker Man was ridiculously scary back in 1973 and still is. However, the 2006 version was just flat, boring and highly disappointing. Just check its low imdb.com rating. The best thing that came out of The City of Angels was The Goo Goo Doll’s hit ‘Iris’. Has anyone seen Captain Corelli’s Mandolin? And Ghost Rider… how did they make a film about a man with a flaming skull for a head with a Dr Faustus complex who rides a sick bike bad?

These Movies Hollywood Should Remake don’t need to be done now. Some of these films will have die-hard fans that will not stand for a remake so soon after their original release. However, others do have some classic storylines, characters and iconic cinematic moments which deserve to live on and not be seen as dated or irrelevant. Eventually, they could all be really great movies Hollywood should remake. What other movies Hollywood should remake belong on this list?

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I can't believe you even suggested that the first three Star Wars movies, The Breakfast Club, and The Wizard of Oz should be remade by hollywood! Those movies are complete classics and could never be topped in this day and age! I'm still reeling at the fact that they remade Footloose and are doing Dirty Dancing as well. Some things are just better left alone...

they've re-made Hulk so many times...i dont even know. and i loved the Breakfast Club! i would be afraid that a remake would ruin its memory.

Are you kidding me? No, Hollywood should not remake these movies ever! They are classics, they don't need to be re-made and ruined.

None, Hollywood needs to find people with some creativity instead of ruining older films with poorly done remakes with modern technology. For example modern horror films are basically a glorification of teenage debauchery and a lot of blood , it is more pornographic then scary, whereas if you take a look at the older horror films like those done by Alfred Hitchcock they are scary a bit campy but that is what makes them terrifying the thematic music the killer who will not die etc. Things are classics for a reason and you don't touch them it is like ruining a perfectly good rock song by having a talentless pop artist cover it.

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