8 Flicks about the Beach ...

By Lyndsie

8 Flicks about the Beach ...

It’s not the summer if you don’t experience the ocean, but if you don’t live near the sea, you can still watch some awesome flicks about the beach! I’m an ocean kind of girl – I love the sea. In fact, it’s about 15 minutes from my house! But when I can’t actively be there, I love watching movies about it. You should check out some great flicks about the beach this summer, even if you can’t get to the ocean yourself!

1 Cast Away

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I’ve told y’all I love Tom Hanks, right? Cast Away was amazing. It was maybe slightly too long, but since I could watch Tom all day, every day, I didn’t really mind. Plus, it’s just a great example of his dedication – packing on all those pounds, then honing himself down again. And let’s not forget his amazing costar – Wilson!

2 Psycho Beach Party

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Charles Busch is absolutely awesome – and he makes a stunningly gorgeous woman! This movie, a play on old standards like Gidget and Beach Blanket Bingo, is absolutely hilarious. It’s got a lot of amazing actors and some really tantalizing scenes. Lauren Ambrose is adorable, and Thomas Gibson is always fantastic. This is a play too, so if you get a chance, check it out!

3 Y Tu Mama Tambien

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I love this movie, which is a classic coming of age flick, for a number of reasons. Basically, it’s a rich, beautiful movie, and Gael Garcia Bernal is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a starkly sexual movie, which gives a bit of a twist to the whole beach theme.

4 The Beach

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This … is not exactly what you’re thinking. It’s an entirely inappropriate movie, honestly, but it does take place on the beach. Plus, honestly, I love Leonardo DiCaprio so much. This was probably one of his worst movies, comparatively, but it’s something of an underground classic, and I for one adore the cinematography, which is why I think it’s a great flick about the beach.

5 Jaws

Price: $7.49 at amazon.com
You know, not every beach movie is happy. Some of them are terrifying, and Jaws is unequivocally at the top of that list. Much as I love Richard Dreyfuss, this movie made me terrified of even setting foot on a manmade beach when I was a kid. For a time, I was convinced my mom was going to get eaten by a great white shark every time she went to the mail box – and at that point, we lived nowhere near the ocean!

6 Beaches

Price: $11.99 at amazon.com
Then, too, some beach movies are incredibly sad. Beaches is one of those, but the sadness is one of the reasons I love it. Besides, I’m absolutely crazy about Bette Midler! If you’re going to watch this movie, have a box of Kleenex at the ready. Also, keep an eye out for The Girl Who Would Be Blossom!

7 Nights in Rodanthe

Price: $8.72 at amazon.com
I’ll be honest. I will not read Nicholas Sparks’ books. I can’t do it. I won’t watch many of the movies based on his books either, but I love this one. Diane Lane is one of my favorite actresses, and she has so much chemistry with Richard Gere, it’s crazy. The scenery in this movie is absolutely gorgeous, as well, so I bit the bullet and bought some more Kleenex.

8 Couples Retreat

Price: $9.99 at amazon.com
What? Look. I never said I had excellent taste. I can’t help thinking this is a great flick about the beach! I love Vince Vaughn. And hey, hey – that really was a gorgeous beach, right?

I love every single one of these flicks without the beach, but I’m sure there are more that I’m missing. What are some of your favorite movies about the ocean? Share some of the best ones you’ve ever seen and I’ll give them a watch!

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