10 Best Chick Flicks of All Time ...


10 Best Chick Flicks of All Time ...
10 Best Chick Flicks of All Time ...

I’m all for a good chick flick, preferably one that has at least some comedy in it. I can usually get my husband to tolerate watching one with me now and again. There are actually a few of my favorites that he likes as well, which is excellent! Here are what I consider to be the 10 best chick flicks of all time. I’m sure everyone has their own favs, so feel free to let me know what yours are!

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The Devil Wears Prada

Andrea Sachs is from a small town and lands a job at a high-level fashion magazine in New York. The chief editor of this magazine is Miranda Priestly, who is one difficult woman to work for. Eventually the job toughens Andrea up. She begins to dress in a more stylish manner too. The basis of the story is about respect and friendship, which isn’t what you’d expect it to be about when you first start watching it.


The Bridges of Madison County

I read this book and absolutely fell in love with both the storyline and the characters. I was leery of watching the movie because I had pictured the characters in a certain way and didn’t want to have those images altered. However, I did eventually watch the movie and really liked it. The story takes place in the summer of ’65 in Iowa. Robert Kincaid is to do a story on the covered bridges of Madison County for National Geographic. He has a love affair with a lonely housewife who documents the events of that summer in her diary. The diary is discovered later on by her children long after she has died. It’s really very touching and the entire movie takes place over only 4 days, but they are truly magical.


9 to 5

I actually just watched this movie again a couple of weeks ago. I remember seeing it when I was much younger, but I think I appreciate it more now! The three main ladies in the movie all have the same boss and dislike him for one reason or another. Basically their boss is degrading to his staff of mostly women, chauvinistic, and a big jerk all around. The three ladies fantasize about ways to show their boss a thing or two when they are talking together one night. The best part happens after this gathering the ladies have and then the hilarity starts. I don’t want to give anything away; you’ll just have to watch it.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My mom adores this movie and has nearly worn out the DVD from watching it so much. Toula Portokalos is a Greek woman who falls for a non-Greek man. She is also the only one in her family who isn’t married yet and she’s already 30. The majority of the movie revolves around the snags Toula encounters while trying to make her wedding to this vegetarian non-Greek man work. The wedding was to be a small quiet one, but Toula’s mom ends inviting the entire family. You’ll have to watch the movie to get the full effect of the antics that go on during the planning of the wedding.


Notting Hill

I’m all for watching Hugh Grant on the big screen or television, I don’t care which. His little smarmy grin always makes me smile. William Thacker is a bookstore owner in Notting Hill, London. He is a divorcee who meets Anna Scott, a famous Hollywood actress, when she comes into his shop one day. One thing leads to another and a romance ensues. Eventually they have a fight due to a misunderstanding on Anna’s part, she leaves, and Will tries to forget her. Of course this isn’t the end, but I can’t tell you what happens next. I’m sure you can guess how the ending goes though. After all, it’s a movie with Hugh Grant as the main character!


Blue Crush

A chick flick with surfing…YES! This definitely makes you want to head out and hit the waves or take up surfing lessons if you don’t know how to surf. I listened to this soundtrack over and over again after watching the movie. The basis of the movie is that Anne Marie is trying to practice for an upcoming surfing competition on the North Shore. She and her two close friends, Eden and Lena, work cleaning rooms at a hotel in Hawaii. Anne Marie gets sidetracked from her goal of taking part in the surf competition. Of course a guy is the reason she becomes sidetracked. She has a falling out with her friends over abandoning her goals and tries to keep her little sister Penny under control as well. There is more drama than comedy in this chick flick, but it’s definitely a must-see.


Pretty in Pink

This was one of my favorite flicks in the 80s and I still think it’s tops! Andie Walsh is from a working class family and has a crush on one of the preppie boys in her school. The rich guy’s name is Blane Mcdonough. Andie and Blane try to become a couple, but their social circles seem to try and prevent this from happening. Andie’s good friend Duckie likes her but she doesn’t know he does. Of course this means there’s going to be drama, since there is a love triangle and it’s takes place in high school. Don’t worry though; the ending is happy for all.


Don Juan DeMarco

This movie consists of mostly flashbacks to the supposed life of Don Juan. The story begins in the office of psychiatrist Jack Mickler. It’s his duty to determine whether or not the man telling him his story is really Don Juan or not. Jack has 10 days to figure out if this would-be suicide is really Don Juan or just a 21 year old man stuck in his own fantasy land. His stories do rekindle the relationship between Jack and his wife. Johnny Depp plays an excellent Don Juan.


The First Wives Club

Brenda, Annie, and Elise are three college friends who gather together for a friend’s funeral. Their friend committed suicide after her husband left her for a younger woman. These three friends chat with one another and realize they are in the same boat. They decide to get help from a Mafioso, a socialite, Annie’s daughter, and an interior decorator to show their two-timing husbands a thing or two. This is a quirky and feel-good comedy with a little bit of romance tied in too.


Under the Tuscan Sun

This movie made me want to move to Italy and find a cute little villa to remodel in my own sweet time. Frances takes a trip to Italy after going through a rough divorce. She is given the trip as a gift from her best friend and her partner. While she’s there, Frances sees a place for sale and ends up buying it; thus never going back to the states. She works on the house and cooks for the guys helping her remodel. She looks for love, but doesn’t seem to find it, until she quits looking. Under the Tuscan Sun has a completely different ending than what I suspected. The scenery in the movie is absolutely gorgeous. You can’t help but fall in love with Italy after watching this beautiful chick flick.

Even if you only get to watch one of the 10 best chick flicks of all time that I listed above it’s better than none. I’ve enjoyed watching each of these multiple times and I’m sure I’ll watch them many more times in the future as well. What do you think is the best chick flick you’ve seen lately?

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