10 Timeless Black and White Romantic Movies to Watch ...


10 Timeless Black and White Romantic Movies to Watch ...
10 Timeless Black and White Romantic Movies to Watch ...

Romantic Movies to Watch are perfect for a girls movie night or for an evening spent curled up with the one you love. There are tons of classic romantic movies to watch – in black and white, of course! They can inspire you and make you thrill. Granted, the ideals are pretty old fashioned and some of them don't have a place in today's world of equality, but still, there's something to be said for seeing some gorgeous starlet get swept off her feet by some chivalrous, debonair gentleman. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the bygone days by taking a look at these timeless black and white romantic movies to watch!

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Casablanca is unquestionably one of the most romantic movies ever made. Who knew Humphrey Bogart could be such a heartthrob? The sparks between Bogie and Ingrid Bergman jumped off the screen – they didn't need color. The lines are memorable and the cinematography is absolutely unforgettable.


Set amidst the backdrop of World War II, Casablanca captures a profound narrative of love and sacrifice. Rick's Café Américain has become synonymous with lost loves and last chances. The chemistry between Bogart and Bergman is palpable, making their characters' painful decisions resonate with audiences even decades later. “Here’s looking at you, kid,” remains etched in our collective memory, a testament to the film's enduring impact. Add the haunting melody of “As Time Goes By” and you have the perfect blend of romance, nostalgia, and classic Hollywood glamor, solidifying its place as a cinematic treasure.


Roman Holiday

Many of my favorite old films feature Audrey Hepburn, I won't lie. This story of a runaway princess trying to live normally is no exception. With Rome as a backdrop and Gregory Peck as a love interest, this movie will sweep you off your feet.


Roman Holiday is the epitome of classic romance mingled with adventure. Audrey Hepburn shines in her Oscar-winning role as the sheltered Princess Ann, who longs for freedom from her royal duties. Whisked through the Eternal City, she finds herself in the care of a dashing reporter played by Gregory Peck. Their chemistry is palpable, as they journey through iconic landmarks and indulge in life's simple joys. It's a fairy tale spun with real-world enchantment, ensuring that every moment of this film remains a nostalgic sigh in the hearts of romantics.

Frequently asked questions

A black and white romantic movie is a film that tells a love story without using color in its images, making it appear in shades of gray, white, and black, just like old photographs.

Yes, even though they don't have color, black and white movies can be very enjoyable. They often have strong stories, characters, and emotions that can make you feel connected to the romance.

Someone might watch a black and white romantic movie to experience classic storytelling, see legendary actors, and enjoy the art and beauty of old cinema which often focused more on dialogue and plot.

No, black and white movies are for everyone. They are timeless stories that can be appreciated by both young and older audiences who enjoy romance and classic film-making styles.

You can find black and white romantic movies on various streaming services, in libraries, on DVD or Blu-Ray, or during classic movie screenings at local theaters or film festivals.



This is one of the most haunting romantic movies I've ever seen. Of course, I wouldn't expect any less from Otto Preminger. It's intriguing and thrilling – and it's definitely not your run of the mill love story. I don't want to give it away for anyone who hasn't seen it, but suffice it to say that the expected happy ending doesn't happen.


Laura, portrayed by the enchanting Gene Tierney, is a film that stays with you long after the credits roll. Dana Andrews delivers an exquisite performance as a detective who becomes unprofessionally involved in the case of the eponymous Laura. Preminger's direction is masterful, crafting a suspenseful atmosphere with every shadowed corner of its black and white frame. The jazz-infused score by David Raksin, including the memorable theme song, adds a layer of irresistible melancholy. "Laura" is an essential view, a noir treasure that intertwines love and mystery with impeccable elegance.


The Philadelphia Story

Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart: with a line up like that, you know this is both romantic and funny. Katharine is born for the role of a socialite, and I don't doubt that she had more than a few occasions where she had to choose between several different men, but I bet it was never this charming or hilarious in real life.


The Philadelphia Story is a classic romantic comedy that features an all-star cast including Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart. Released in 1940, it was a box office success and has since become known as one of the greatest films of all time. The film follows the story of a wealthy socialite who must choose between three men vying for her affection. With its witty dialogue and charming performances, The Philadelphia Story remains a timeless favorite among moviegoers. Its success also helped solidify Katharine Hepburn's status as a leading lady in Hollywood.



I don't think I'll ever get tired of touting the virtues of this. I'm sure you all know by now that this is one of my favorite romantic movies of all time. I never get tired of Sabrina! I hate the remake so much for the way it besmirched Audrey Hepburn's gamine girl prettiness and Humphrey Bogart's caring gruffness. I'm always rooting for it to end just the way it does, but always afraid that it won't.


The Shop around the Corner

If you like You've Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, then you'll love this, because it was the inspiration! Jimmy Stewart was basically the Tom Hanks of his generation. Jimmy as Alfred and Margaret Sullavan as Klara cannot stand each other, but they're secretly pen pals – and, of course, fall in love that way!


The Shop around the Corner is a classic black and white romantic movie that has stood the test of time. It was released in 1940 and is based on the play Parfumerie by Miklós László. This film was the inspiration for the popular romantic comedy You've Got Mail, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. The chemistry between Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan is undeniable as they play two coworkers who can't stand each other but fall in love through their anonymous pen pal letters. The movie received critical acclaim and is considered one of the best romantic comedies of all time.


Some like It Hot

Marilyn Monroe was never better, but it's her chemistry with both Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis that makes this one of the funniest, most classic romantic movies you'll ever watch. It may well be the most amazing comedy to date. When guys dress up as girls, what can go wrong.



If you like your romances tragic, this is the one for you. It stars Greta Garbo at her finest, and it's full of love, passion, heartache, and rejection. If you've ever seen the movie Annie, then you've seen scenes from this – the tragedy was the first picture little orphan Annie ever saw! And it is absolutely just ass ad as it looked.


Greta Garbo embodies the epitome of the silver screen’s tragic heroine. Her performance in Camille transcends time, capturing the quintessence of unrequited and doomed love that even modern audiences find compelling. The film itself is an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas fils' beloved novel, The Lady of the Camellias, and showcases the lavish yet troubled world of Parisian courtesans. Despite its somber themes, Garbo's luminous presence provides a hauntingly beautiful experience that resonates with the aching allure of star-crossed lovers—making it a masterpiece you can't afford to miss.



If you like your romantic movies on the darker side, then this one is a great pick. It's incredibly sensual, as befitting Alfred Hitchcock's work. This time Cary Grant pairs with Ingrid Bergman, which explains the sensuality – especially given the fact that it contains a kiss that was very risque back in the day.


"Notorious" explores themes of espionage and duplicity, weaving a complex web that tests the boundaries of trust. Ingrid Bergman shines as a woman torn between love and duty, delivering a performance that is as compelling as it is heartrending. Meanwhile, Cary Grant portrays a government agent whose stoic exterior belies a tumultuous inner struggle. Their on-screen chemistry is the fulcrum on which this tense, psychological drama pivots, making it a masterpiece of its genre. The film's blend of romance and intrigue ensures that it stands the test of time as a classic.


His Girl Friday

We've got Cary Grant again! But really, can there ever be too much Cary Grant? This time, he's back to comedy by trying to keep his ex wife from getting married again. This film made me love the idea of newspapermen, even though they sadly aren't like this anymore.

There are tons of black and white romantic movies to watch – and plenty in color, too! I just like the black and white classics, though. Something about the cinematography pleases me, and some of my favorite actresses (Audrey, anyone?) star in them. You can easily find romantic movies to watch with your partner or with your friends, but either way, you're sure to enjoy them! So what are some of your favorite romantic movies to watch – in color or in black and white?

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