8 Comedies to Watch with Your Boyfriend ...


8 Comedies to Watch with Your Boyfriend ...
8 Comedies to Watch with Your Boyfriend ...

Every woman will know that awkward moment when she or her boyfriend suggests watching a DVD, and both then go silent as they wonder what on earth to watch. Rare is the guy who will watch, much less enjoy, a ‘chick flick’, and it can be hard to find something to appeal to both parties. Relax – I’ve done the work for you. Here are 8 comedies to watch with your boyfriend.

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Wedding Crashers

Guys can cope with this because it stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, and they’re not romcom stars, right? Besides, they can relate to the idea of crashing parties for the free food and drink. Girls can eye up Owen Wilson – I believe he’s quite popular.


The 40 Year Old Virgin

Here’s another film that will please both sides. It’s actually quite sweet, as well as funny, and doesn’t make fun of the main character. Steve Carroll is great as the eponymous virgin.

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Animal House

Not all girls will enjoy this, but if you’re in the mood for a loud, fun, raucous movie then give it a go. Personally I love it – especially the parade scene at the end. Don’t expect a classy movie, just sit back and enjoy a good laugh.

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Young Frankenstein

Something of a precursor to the Scary Movie series (but a lot funnier), Young Frankenstein is a comedy classic. There are lots of great moments, but particularly of note is the dance routine … I defy anyone not to laugh at that scene!

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Grosse Point Blank

More of a wry comedy than a laugh-out-loud one, this is a great comedy to watch with your boyfriend. It might not seem too amusing that the main character is a contract killer, but place that within the setting of a school reunion, and the odd juxtaposition makes for an original concept.


Grosse Point Blank is a 90s comedy that follows the story of a contract killer, Martin Blank, who is forced to attend his high school reunion while on a job. The film stars John Cusack and Minnie Driver as the two leads, and their chemistry adds an extra layer of humor to the film. The witty dialogue and clever plot twists make this a perfect choice for a date night with your boyfriend. The film also has a killer soundtrack featuring 80s hits and a memorable fight scene set to "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Queen. Overall, Grosse Point Blank is a unique and entertaining comedy that will have you and your boyfriend laughing and on the edge of your seats.

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Meet the Parents

This should probably only be watched with your boyfriend if he has met your parents (and you his). Otherwise, that fear that your loved one’s parents won’t really like you may terminate the relationship fast …

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The Jerk

If you have never seen The Jerk, then I command you to watch it right now! Made in the days when Steve Martin was really funny, it would make a great double bill with another Martin film, The Man With Two Brains.


The Jerk is a classic comedy film released in 1979 that stars Steve Martin as Navin R. Johnson, a naive and clueless man who sets out to find his place in the world. Along the way, he encounters hilarious mishaps and misadventures that will have you and your boyfriend laughing out loud. The film is known for its clever humor and iconic one-liners, making it a must-watch for any comedy fan. It was also directed by Carl Reiner, a comedy legend in his own right, and features a memorable cameo from Bernadette Peters. So, grab some popcorn and get ready for a night of laughs with your significant other!

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Horrible Bosses

If you’re looking for a current film rather than something to watch on DVD, Horrible Bosses looks like it might be worth the ticket price for an evening’s entertainment. The black element makes it a good comedy to watch with your boyfriend.

So why not grab some DVDs, and have a movie night together? This selection of comedies to watch with your boyfriend will give you some great laughs. What other films can you suggest to suit both parties – or are you into action films while he prefers rom-coms?

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hahaha... my husband and i love Wedding Crashers. Will Ferrell was so damn funny! "Ma, THE MEATLOAF!!" *lol*

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