7 Top Zombie Flicks You Shouldn't Miss ...


7 Top Zombie Flicks You Shouldn't Miss ...
7 Top Zombie Flicks You Shouldn't Miss ...

Top Zombie Movies can be funny, scary, or somewhere in between. Thanks to The Walking Dead (starring my secret boyfriend and hot-ass Boondock Saint brother, Norman Reedus), I've recently become obsessed with the top zombie movies. There are a lot, from cult classics to new hits, but they all have one thing in common: most of the main cast likes to eat brains! If anything, zombies are even more popular than vampires, what with all the zombie walks and zombie apocalypse warnings popping up all over the world. To celebrate your love of the walking dead, take a look at some of the top zombie movies over the years!

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Night of the Living Dead

This is unquestionably number one on almost anyone's list of top zombie movies. My parents unwisely let me watch this at 8 years old, and it scared the crap out of me. It scared me until I was well-on 13, actually, because my dad developed a habit (or perhaps “hobby” is a better term) of sneaking up behind me, growling “Braaaains,” and then biting the top of my head. What? We're a weird family.



Everyone needs a survival guide in case zombies take over the world. This is it – every tip you'll ever need, courtesy of Jesse Eisenberg. I personally would have liked to see Michael Cera in this role, but the chemistry between Eisenbergy and Woody Harrelson is pleasing all the same. Also the Bill Murray scene is the best thing ever. Ever. And I will see anything at all if it has Emma Stone in it. Girl-crush, zombie style!


Dead Alive

This is a little known choice, a cult classic that makes its way onto my rendition of the top zombie movies for one reason: I once made my high school BFF Brandon J. very, very angry by making him watch this movie, where a rat-monkey begins all the zombie-scrumptious trouble. How? I promised him that he would see a naked woman. As we were 15 at the time, this was very important to him – and anyone who's ever seen the climactic scene at the end knows I wasn't lying. Little did we know at the time that Peter Jackson was responsible for this grisly, cheeky masterpiece. It gave me a whole new appreciation for lawnmowers.


Dawn of the Dead (2004)

I actually originally saw this because I've loved Sarah Polley ever since she played Ramona Quimby on PBS when I was a kid. This was no Ramona movie. This film is just epic and gory and disgusting and, yes, even a little scary.


Shaun of the Dead

While this one is just pure camp! But who says that the top zombie movies can't pay homage to the genre, you know? This was just the business, because it really does telegraph a love for zombie flicks, and Simon Pegg is an everyman kind of hero.

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The Return of the Living Dead

Punk rock zombie madness at its finest. It was after the double feature of this and the original that my dad adopted his scary catch phrase and actively scared the daylights out of me with thoughts of the walking dead. And am I the only one who found parts of this film decidedly romantic?


Dawn of the Dead (1978)

The same title twice? Oh yes, because you cannot speak of the top zombie movies without mentioning George Romero's original, which was even better than Dawn. This movie made malls famous; people will still flock there, I'm sure, if we do ever find ourselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. And I have one word for you: helicopter.

Many of the top zombie movies have been around for years, but others are relatively new. They just become much loved very fast. I mean, Zombieland? That is awesome; I would have watched it just for Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone. It's hard to pick just 7 top zombie movies, since there have been plenty of really amazing walking dead flicks. If your favorites didn't make it onto my list of the top zombie movies, no worries! Just let me know which ones you like best!

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I like some humor with my zombies! So Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead are my absolute favorites!

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