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8 Comedies to Watch with Your Girlfriends ...

By Jordin

When you're having a ladies night, you definitely need some great comedies to watch with your girlfriends! What else? Popcorn, check! Diet cokes, check! Hershey's chocolate, check! All your best girlfriends, check! Now you just need a those funny comedies and you will be all set! So how do you know which ones to grab? Of course you don't want something lame or stupid! But standing in the middle of Blockbuster can sometimes get overwhelming! So I've made you a fabulous list of 8 comedies to watch with your girlfriends and done the guesswork for you! Even if you may have seen some of these before, you will still enjoy them as a rerun. I'm sure you will love all these great chick flicks on my list today!

1 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

I've always been a big fan of Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey but together they make a huge splash! I love their chemistry! This hilarious chick flick is right on target when it points out the mistakes that both men and women make when dating, but it ends on a sweet note. You and all your peeps will love this one, so don't pass it up!

2 Sydney White

Amanda Bynes rocks this modern-day twist on our tried-and-true Snow White fairy tale. If you're up for lots of laughs, this is one of the best comedies to watch with your girlfriends! You will be rolling in hysterics from the moment you pop it into your DVD player. From the 7 "dwarfs" to the wicked "witch" to the handsome "prince," this movie has it all. You will want to watch this one over and over!

3 The Wedding Planner

I think most of us can nod in agreement that we've seen this romantic comedy. But it's still the best! Again, Matthew McConaughey shines! And I do mean literally. But if by chance you have NOT seen this fantastic classic, make sure you put it on the list of comedies to watch with your girlfriends. I promise they will enjoy it as much as you do!

4 50 First Dates

The first time I ever saw this movie, I thought I was going to hyperventilate from laughing so hard! I was practically in hysterics and I know you will be too. From a realistic point of view, this movie is not so believable. But it has so many funny scenes and Drew Barrymore is so cute you can't resist the charm this comedy holds. You will want to watch it again, guaranteed!

5 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

There seem to be many comedies that involve a wedding, but it must be because they are so darn funny! This one simply takes the cake, topper and all! As you can see by watching the trailer, this movie will keep you and your girlfriends in stitches. You will probably want to rewind some of the scenes just to watch them all over again!

6 27 Dresses

My sister-in-law and I have ultimately agreed that this movie is our favorite chick flick of all time. I love that they make movies about real life scenarios! How many girls do you know that have had to wait forever on their Mr. Right? I sure know a few! And it helps that Katherine Heigl plays the main character. She is a pretty and funny as ever and I love the personality she adapts on-screen!

7 Miss Congeniality

Who doesn't love a good make-over movie? Take the ugly duckling and transform her into a swan. But not without a few fumbles of course! You can laugh over and over again at the tumbles and slips Sandra Bullock makes in Miss Congeniality if you add this movie to the list of comedies to watch with your girlfriends! And if you like this one, don't forget to check out the sequel, equally as up-roaringly hilarious!

8 Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon, the little sweetheart that she is, plays an excellent spoiled rich girl! But in the end, she proves that not all rich girls need a nanny or a maid to fend for themselves! Full of quips and cute lines you will find yourself quoting over and over, you will love this movie as much as I do. Make sure you put this one on the list of funny movies to watch with the girls!

I'm sure there are tons of other great comedies to watch with your girlfriends that I didn't highlight. However these are some fun, cool and girly comedies you will all enjoy watching over and over again. Do you have any great comedies to watch with your girlfriends of your own? Please comment below and let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

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