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8 Love Movies Guys Secretly like ...

By Talynn

Ever have trouble getting your boyfriend to sit down for the latest Sarah Jessica Parker rom-com? I know my girlfriend does. Here are a few options that may just do the job while leaving him none the wiser.

8 Juno

This is probably the girliest choice on this list, but still a movie both sexes can enjoy. The protagonist may be an underage pregnant teen, but the comedy and supporting characters, Jason Bateman’s especially, are witty and likable enough to hold your guy’s attention. Best part- the soundtrack.

7 Cocktail

Vintage Tom Cruise, sure. Before all the craziness, this guy could make some movies. Here we see Tom Cruise playing a, you guessed it, cocktail waiter, meanwhile, falling in love with a rich girl who’s father doesn’t approve. How convenient…to the plot. Here’s a tip to loving this movie, embrace the late 80’s cheese and wait for the hot tub scene.

6 500 Days of Summer

This was my favorite movie on 2009. It’s part love movie, part break-up movie, and part amped up indie film. Our hero, Tom falls in love with Summer, his office’s version of the girl next door. Only she’s not really the girl next door. From the opening of the movie, this one will have your guy rolling. I hate dance numbers, but my favorite scene here is just that. The best part- “Roses are red, violets are blue…” You’ll see.

5 The Mexican

This is definitely a love movie with something for you and your boyfriend. It’s a love movie disguised as a western. It stars Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, as one of those make-up break-up couples that get caught up with the mob. You know, that old thing. Directed by the same guy that did Pirates of the Caribbean, Gore Verbinski’s shoots this like and old school western infused with some new school pacing. This one is as funny and creative as its love story is compelling.

4 Love Actually

Here’s the Pulp Fiction of love movies. Several seemingly unrelated love stories that all somehow tie in together by the end of the movie. This British movie has its hand in just about every type of love movie’s cookie jar imaginable. There’s the single dad and young son finding love at the same time, there’s the bachelor politician and the cute girl from the office staff, the best man secretly in love with the bride, the cheating husband, love at first sight, and even brotherly love. This movie literally covers the entire love spectrum. If that even exists…

3 Far and Away

This is probably the most traditional love story on the list. Here we have Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman playing Irish immigrants who have unwillingly become travel companions to New York City in hopes to claim their 40 acres and a mule. Nicole Kidman is the rich Irish noblemen’s daughter who just wants to escape, while Tom Cruise is the poor farmer with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Nicole Kidman must swallow her pride and work for her passage west, while Tom Cruise must earn it the only way he’s ever known how…with his fists. Cliché? Yep. Do I care? Nope.

2 The Princess Bride

At the #2 spot we have a fairy tale in every sense of the word, and just like it says on the poster it’s, “Not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum fairy tale.” Made during the late 80’s, this film got in before the overuse of computer animation, green screens, and 3d effects, so it still relies on good, old fashioned story. This story is that of Westley and Buttercup, who find true love, only to have ripped away after Westley is lost at sea. Or is he? The supporting characters include an oversized Andre the Giant, an old man Billy Crystal, and one of my all-time favorite swashbucklers, Innigo Montoya. To not love this movie is simply INCONCIEVABLE! (You’ll get that joke after you see it.)

1 True Romance

Now, this is a guy’s love movie. Written by Quentin Tarantino, directed by Tony Scott, scored by Has Zimmer, and boasting a cast of Christian Slater, Val Kilmer, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldham, Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, James Gandofini, and Patricia Arquette to name a few, need I say more? It’s like Pretty Woman meets Pulp Fiction as we see our hero, Clarence, mistakenly pick up, Alabama, a prostitute out on her first night. As true love kicks in and takes over, Clarence sets out to free her from control of her horrible boss and get them out of a huge mess they wind up in the middle of. True Romance has everything the perfect love movie needs: true love, passionate romance, caution thrown to the wind, ten-way gun battles, the mob, self sacrifice, Drexl the pimp, and one of the best confrontations of all time. This is the best love movie ever made. Rent it today, and your boyfriend will buy it tomorrow. Guaranteed.

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