8 Most Evil Movie Villains of All Time ...


8 Most Evil Movie Villains of All Time ...
8 Most Evil Movie Villains of All Time ...

Evil is evil, and how could it ever get worse then that. A good movie, like a good book, must have a bad guy, or girl. Sometimes some villains are just that bad. And then there are these guys…

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Freddy Krueger

This man is so bad that he invades teenagers dreams only to torture and murder them, all while telling sick jokes. He’s also singularly responsible for ruining the red and black striper sweater for everyone. Ok, maybe I’m nit-picking with that one.


Alex Delarge

This sociopath murdered and terrorized his way across England in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. This guy is completely past rehabilitation as the movie proves. He’s so bad and I hate him so much that I don’t even like the movie. Well played Malcolm McDowell, well played.


The Devil’s Rejects

I watched 10 minutes of this piece of garbage, and these guys were already so bad that I fast-forwarded to the end to make sure that they died. It’s almost impossible to offend me but, wow Rob Zombie, did you put together a cast of characters here. Seriously, don’t watch this movie. Just trust me that these guys are BAD.



Voldemort or simply He Who Must Not Be Named to the wizarding community, famously ended his murderous rampage with Harry Potter’s parents only to be vanquished by the power of love and filled with a spirit of revenge. This guy is almost pure evil and has come back from the dead almost as many times as Solomon Grundy. Also, he doesn’t have a nose, which makes him look like some kind of creepy skull snake thing. Avada Kadavra to you Voldemort!


Nurse Ratched

I’m not sure I’ve ever hated a character in a movie worse that I hated Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. She’s just so…mean. You literally want to go into the television and beat the life out of her because she is so evil to Jack Nicholson’s character. She’s so convincing that if I met the actress in real life, I don’t know if I could be nice to her, seriously.


The Joker

Let me list the Joker’s favorite things: dynamite, gunpowder, gasoline, and let’s not forget chaos. He’s an agent of chaos. He lives to take life, and to toy with Batman. As Alfred puts it in The Dark Knight, “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” If this clown was a real man, and Gotham a real city, you can bet that because of him, it would be deserted. Now that’s evil.


Hannibal Lecter

The worst kinds of geniuses are the evil ones, and Lecter definitely qualifies. This guy solves complex murders from jail, while doing time for the insane murders he’s already committed. We’re talking about a man who drugged someone and sawed half of their skull off, right before he fried up part of their brain and fed it to them. Try eating that with some fava beans and a fresh chianti. Ugh…


Darth Vader

He murdered nearly every Jedi alive, trillions of people from who knows how many different star systems, turned on his family, killed his own boss, and even cut his own son’s hand off. Good luck beating that path of devastation, Hollywood. It’s crazy that Darth Vader is so immeasurably evil, yet he remains the most popular character from Star Wars, even over Luke and Han. They say girls always go for the bad guy. Well then, I guess the same can also be said for nerds.

Who is more evil than Darth Vader? I mean, really. Even his music is evil. Can you really think of anyone who can top that?

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