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8 Scary Movie Doctors ...

By Neecey

I’m not the greatest fan of horror movies but there are some pretty horrific characters in other genres and a good many of them are from the medical profession, Nurse Ratched for one. Maybe it’s something about the medical profession and their interest in the human body that makes them do such evil deeds. Here are 8 Scary movie doctors I’m glad have never been my GP.

Warning: You might find some of the scenes disturbing

Table of contents:

  1. Dr. frankenstein
  2. Dr. christian szell
  3. Dr. henry jekyll
  4. Dr. hannibal lecter
  5. Dr. jed hill
  6. Dr. phibes
  7. Dr. josef mengele
  8. Dr. lawrence gordon

1 Dr. Frankenstein

Probably the first ever really scary movie doctor was Dr. Frankenstein and he’s appeared in many movies through the decades including Dr. Frank N. Furter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Many people think Frankenstein is the monster but it is indeed the name of the monster’s creator. He’s been played by such luminaries as Kenneth Brannagh and James Mason.

2 Dr. Christian Szell

Do you remember wincing in sympathy when the nasty Laurence Olivier drilled Dustin Hoffman’s tooth in the Marathon Man? Olivier was playing Dr. Christian Szell looking for the diamonds he’d smuggled.

3 Dr. Henry Jekyll

Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of a split personality has been brought to life on the screen by Spencer Tracy and Dougray Scott amongst others. Jekyll doesn’t really cut it as a scary movie doctor but his alter ego sure is frightening.

4 Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Are the lambs still screaming? Have you been put off fava beans for life and never drink Chianti? Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of Hannibal ‘The Cannibal’ Lecter is a master craftsman at work and he produced one of the most memorable scary movie doctors ever.

5 Dr. Jed Hill

I’m not going to spoilt it for you if you have never seen it but if you thought Alec Baldwin was just a funny guy from 30 Rock and a string of fairly forgettable roles, watch Malice and you might just never trust your gynaecologist again.

6 Dr. Phibes

Vincent Price was an absolute master of the horror villain and as scary movie Dr. Phibes he was at his abominable best. After being disfigured in a freak car accident that killed his wife, an evil genius decides that the members of a surgical team let his wife die and shall each perish by a different biblical plague.

7 Dr. Josef Mengele

Immortalised by Gregory Peck in The Boys from Brazil this most evil of evil real life doctors was responsible for some of the most grotesque experiments on the inmates of Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

8 Dr. Lawrence Gordon

All the way through the Saw series we’re subjected to horrific scenes of murder and torture but it’s not until Saw VII that we find out that all along Dr. Gordon was instrumental in the gory proceedings. Especially confusing as he is a victim in the first movie.

You can come out from behind the sofa now as I’ve finished my little rundown of scary movie doctors. I’m sure scriptwriters are out there creating still more evil beings to frighten us out of our socks. Who scares you most?

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