7 Horrifyingly Hilarious Spoof Movies ...

Hilarious spoof movies really are hilarious, and I'm not talking about Date Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, or even Vampires Suck. You have to love a spoof, especially when it takes on movie trends and pop culture juggernauts you simply do not understand. I've only chosen seven hilarious spoof movies because recent films are less spoof, more farce. I also regretfully left out Monty Python and the Holy Grail, because it is so epic, so flawless, and so amazing, I just can't bear to call it a spoof. So take a look at these, weigh in with your opinion, and then let us know which spoofs you find so horrifying, you can't help but laugh!

1. Airplane!

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Airplane! is one of the most hilarious spoof movies to ever grace the big screen. Even the follow-up was funny. The bits of physical comedy, the ongoing gags – they're all still quotable, and still able to make audiences belly laugh. That's special. Leslie Nielsen was an amazing, amazing comedic actor. He even made one of the later Scary Movie sequels watchable, although only during his scenes. This film is unquestionably one of his best, and if you somehow missed it, go watch it. Right now. Don't worry; I'll wait.

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