7 Judi Dench Movies in Which She Excels ...

How many Judi Dench movies have you seen? One of the greatest English actresses ever, Dame Judi has been in some brilliant movies. She has been in some less-stellar productions too, but she has always outshone the quality of the story or the script. I’ve put together a short list of Judi Dench movies with a little something for everyone.

1. Shakespeare in Love

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I felt I had to start with this one because although I don’t think this is near the best of the Judi Dench movies, it is the one that won her an Oscar. I admire this actress very much, but that she won an Oscar for a 5-minute performance is to me bit odd. I know that Shakespeare in Love won a slew of awards in 1999 (even beating Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture), but Judi Dench has delivered many finer and worthier performances than her role as Elizabeth I – in my opinion – although she was fabulous. Dame Jud has been nominated for 7 acting Oscars. Any of the other 6 would have been a better choice – maybe it was just her time? Anyway, the movie – hmm – I didn’t like it but people obviously did.

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