7 Best James Bond Actors ...


7 Best James Bond Actors ...
7 Best James Bond Actors ...

We’ve all seen at least a few James Bond movies or at least heard of the British Secret Service agent, and it seems that nearly every generation has it’s own idea of who James Bond is, and also, who was the best at drinking his vodka martinis. Here is my list of my favorite actors to ever don the black tuxedo and PP7. Let's compare lists and see who we think is best.

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David Niven

David Niven Niven is easily the least known Bond actor as he played the part in a 1967spoof of Ian Fleming’s first novel Casino Royale. The actor can also boast being one of the few actors whom Fleming wanted to play the part.


George Lazenby

George Lazenby Lazeny was the first Bond cast after Connery, who left some pretty big shoes to fill. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was the only movie he ever starred in making him all the more forgettable. He quit before the movie even premiered, cited that his Bond contract was just too demanding of him.


Timothy Dalton

Timothy Dalton Dalton followed Moore with a vastly different portrayal of Bond. His version was brooding and moody, much like in the novels. The action in the movies served the 1980’s very well as it was typically way over the top. He only starred in two Bond movies, The Living Daylights and License to Kill before hanging up the bowtie.


Roger Moore

Roger Moore Moore played Bond from 1973 to 1985, owning what is surely the most campy and pun laden version ever to be committed to cinema. His villains and his one-liners were super over the top and he always seemed to be surrounded by far out gadgetry and situations, even for James Bond. Moore starred in seven films, making him number two on the most times portrayed list.


Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan Brosnan played Bond in four films from 1995-2002, and was an amalgamation of Dalton and Moore’s versions. His version was cold and brooding, but also witty and likable. His later films did start to become a bit cookie cutter, even for Bond standards, but overall has been one of the best.


Sean Connery

Sean Connery Connery in the two spot is certainly not the popular choice, but it’s still how I see it. Connery had the charisma and the dry wit, that’s undeniable, but is he my favorite? No. He just wasn’t tough enough for me. By the time I watched his movies, a couple generations had past, so maybe my definition of Bond is different from what his was intended to be. In any case, I like him, but it’s not love.


Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig Daniel Craig is love. He is far and away the best Bond. He has the best mix of it all. He has charisma, charm, dry wit, he’s tough as nails, and the kicker is he actually has a heart. Bond actually loved Vesper. To me this makes Bond so much more relatable, let alone likable. Although there are rumors that the latest Bond flick, Spectre, is Craig's last time donning the black tux, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll change his mind!

I realized Craig on top of the list isn’t the popular choice, but I’m sticking to my golden guns on this one. Who would you choose as the best 007 ever? Are you going to see Spectre, the newest James Bond movie? It looks SO good! Let us know in the comments!

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This post was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.

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Sean Connery set the bar for Bond, James Bond! I love the '60's Bond movies, the Bond theme, the "Bond Girls", Miss Moneypenny, "M", "Q", the villains, Goldfinger of course, and Connery winking at the audience. All this said, I think Daniel Craig is a very different, but fantastic Bond🔫

Timothy Dalton?! Please... This is a joke, right?

Daniel Craig...then Sean Connery! I'm such a 007 fan!!!

As a girl and teen my dad used to take me to see every Bond film as soon as it was on cinemas, they were sooo boring for me!

Watched it! Was amazing...as ever bond!! 😍

A bit of Bond movie trivia from my movie buff teen. The Bonds are all the same height (give or take 1cm or 2) except for Daniel Craig who is considerably shorter than all of them. That said, they all have their positives. But, I'm on the Connery team on this one. It's the accent.

Daniel for sure

Will be seeing it this week tho - looking forward to the new ladies this time

Sean Connery... Bond... James Bond!

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