The Top 10 Leading Men of All Time ...

Leading Men just aren't the same as they used to be. There are some great ones nowadays, I freely admit that, but over the years, lovers of classic cinema have had the opportunity to view some truly spectacular leading men. What makes the difference? Looks, training, the scripts, the opportunities? I think it was the passion, the art. There are leading men now who view their acting as an art form, absolutely, but back in the golden age of cinema, it was different. And in that respect, here's my opinion regarding the top leading men of all time.

1. Cary Grant

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You can't talk about Hollywood's top leading men without discussing Cary Grant. He had a gift for both comedy and drama, not to mention a smoldering on screen presence that showed easily through any drama. He lit so many fires underneath so many fans that he's still talked about, from his acting prowess to his controversial personal life. Must see movies include His Girl Friday and North by Northwest, just for starters. And true facts (as well as a little braggadocio): he was a distant relative of mine. Rawr!

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