7 Movies That Start with the Ending ...

By Vladlena

7 Movies That Start with the Ending ...

I am a big fan of movies that start with the ending. There is something about flashbacks to the root of the plot that gives storytelling a lot more depth. It definitely makes things a lot more interesting in comparison to the traditional set up in movies. Plus the unraveling of the plot is a lot more shocking as we learn how the characters get to the ending. The following are just 7 of the movies that start with the ending and have the quality I am talking about.

1 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind is one of the great movies that start with the ending. It is a romantic comedy in which a man by the name of Joel decides to have the memories of his girlfriend, Clementine removed, after he finds out that she has already undergone the same procedure. In the process of his memories disappearing, he rediscovers his love and passion for Clementine and fights against the procedure.

2 Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club follows the life of a depressed young man in the world of big business - played by Edward Norton and merely billed as The Narrator. The Narrator doesn’t enjoy his job or his life until he meets a charming iconoclast, Tyler Durden. The two find a sense of excitement when they challenge each other to a fight and later create a secret ‘Fight Club’. However things get a little complicated along the way when Tyler becomes involved with Marla.

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3 Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Saving Private Ryan is a realistic recreation of WWII’s D-Day invasion and its devastating aftermath. The plot line revolves around a group of US soldiers going behind enemy lines in order to repatriate a paratrooper whose four brothers have already tragically died in the battlefield.

4 The Notebook (2004)

You probably already know the storyline of this romantic drama but for those who have not yet seen this classic movie a try, The Notebook is about a young couple that fell in love during the early 1940s. Despite their differences in status, they fell madly in love only to be broken up in the midst of World War II. Somehow they find their way back to each other and rekindle their romance.

5 Memento (2001)

Memento is about a man who is determined to find justice after his wife was brutally raped and killed. Unfortunately he was also severely beaten by the attacker and has short-term memory loss. Nonetheless he is persistent in his efforts and uses polaroid photographs and note-taking to remind himself of the revenge he seeks.

6 Inception (2010)

Inception is about Dom Cobb, a uniquely skillful professional thief who possesses the power to enter the dream of others to steal ideas. However when he loses everything, he assembles a team to go in for a final mission to seek redemption. And even when he has everything to succeed something gets in the way…

7 Limitless (2011)

Eddie Morra is just another writer suffering from writer’s block. However things take a different turn when his old friend introduces him to a revolutionary drug, NZT that completely improves his thinking to a full potential. With the use of NZT, Morra is able to make millions but everything comes at a price and he soon finds out that his source of success is no longer a secret.

Movies that start with an ending really don’t spoil the entire plot; if anything they actually add to the mystery. Viewers love to see the story behind the first scene because that means there are flashbacks that bring us to that exact moment. Which movie that starts with the ending will you be watching next?

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How can you not mention the green mile?!

not to mention that Benjamin button movie

The Usual Suspects!! Great film

The Fault In Our Stars kind if starts with the ending

such a unknown movie but "Keith" also started with the ending

the breakfast club

"save marla singer" is an iconic chant from fight club, how could u screw up her name?

what abt final destination??

In "Fight Club", The Narrator gets involved with a woman named Marla, not Maria.

Another Leonardo Dicaprio movie is Titanic



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