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Top 7 Johnny Depp Movies ...

By Lyndsie

Johnny Depp Movies seem to get better with time. As I write this, I'm kicking myself for limiting my list to seven, but what the heck, it'll be a challenge! I'm inviting you now, though, to share your favorite Johnny Depp movies with me. When you're dealing with such a talented and prolific (and hot) actor, it's hard to pick ten favorites, let alone seven. Frankly, most if not all of Johnny's movies are excellent, but let me put it this way: if I was stranded on a deserted island and was somehow able to watch movies, these are the Johnny Depp movies I would absolutely have to take with me.

1 Edward Scissorhands

This is hand's down one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies. I really loved Cry-Baby as well, because it pairs two of my favorite things: Johnny Depp and John Waters. I had the whole movie memorized when I was a kid. If I could only ever watch one of Johnny's early films, though, it would be this one, because not only is it beautiful, it also marked the beginning of his long, incredible relationship with Tim Burton.

2 Chocolat

This film is just so sensual – and Johnny is so sensual in it. The whole movie just gives me goosebumps. It's funny, I hadn't seen it since it came out, and it was Paul Rudd's rant in I Love You, Man that made me want to see it again. Man am I glad I did. Something about Johnny, chocolate, and the French setting is just … phoowarg!

3 Blow

This is one of the best Johnny Depp movies ever, in my humble opinion. From start to finish, it's just thrilling and awesome. I was going to stick From Hell in this slot, because of an ongoing obsession with the Jack the Ripper case, and while that's a great movie too, it just had to be Blow. What is it about Johnny as a bad boy?

4 Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise

I really just can't pick one of these. The first was my favorite, but they're all great. Johnny in eyeliner, slurring in a drunken, cockney lilt – what could be better than that? A whole franchise of pirate-y goodness, that's what!

5 Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I love it when Johnny really gets to sing. This is one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies for several reasons. For one, it's another Burton delight. For another, I also love Helena Bonham-Carter to death. For a third, Alan Rickman. I love me some Alan Rickman, and seeing him go up against Johnny's psychotic barber was awesome.

6 Alice in Wonderland

I began salivating the first time I saw the trailer for this, and didn't stop until I walked out of the theatre. Again, I loved it in part because it was another Burton collaboration, complete with more Helena. More than anything, however, it was Johnny as the Mad Hatter. How perfect is he? My absolute favorite part? His recitation of “Jabberwocky.” Omg, I got chills!

7 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Last but most certainly not least, I round out my list of Johnny Depp movies with another bad boy role. I wish to death that The Rum Diary would have done as well as this, because Johnny just seems made for Hunter S. Thompson's novels, you know? This is weird, unsettling, and freaky – and I love it!

Whew, I knew it would be hard to limit myself to so few Johnny Depp movies, but I had no idea it would be THAT hard! Perhaps I'd be better off making sure that I had access to Netflix on my deserted island, huh? There are so many good Johnny Depp movies, from his first instant classics to his latest releases, and I'm absolutely thrilled in the knowledge that he's going to keep making awesome flicks for years to come. But let's get down to it – start sounding off and sharing your favorite Johnny Depp movies, too!

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