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Top 10 Adam Sandler Movies ...

By Lyndsie

Adam Sandler Movies are like my guilty pleasures. Seriously, I've had a crush on the guy since I was 5 or 6 years old and he showed up on The Cosby Show as one of Theo's friends. There are a lot of just really bad Adam Sandler movies, but I watch them anyway, and nine times out of ten, I like them even while the people around me are groaning. I can't help it! I love Adam Sandler. And if you're of the same opinion or think you might like to give the cute buffoon a second chance, here are the top 10 Adam Sandler movies that I myself can watch over and over again.

1 Billy Madison

The earliest Adam Sandler movies are among my favorites, as you'll see. Oh, they were awful – but they were funny to a tween who found fart jokes funny. Okay, I still laugh at fart jokes, which might explain why I like Billy Madison. The premise was ludicrous, but it was really Adam's first starring role, and it basically expanded on the brilliant nonsense of many of his SNL characters.

2 Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore was a little better, only because Adam was starting to actually develop his character a little more. It was still a ludicrous, albeit hilarious, film, but Happy had feelings, he had motives, and he beat up Bob Barker, which is pretty much all I need. I'm easily amused, clearly.

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3 Reign over Me

Most of the serious Adam Sandler movies strike out, but I confess, I liked this one. It moved me. It wasn't an obvious movie, and while it wasn't universally liked, it really touched me. I liked the premise, and I loved the way Adam began to intermix comedy with deeper emotions.

4 Big Daddy

I think he actually started doing that in Big Daddy, which was just incredibly movie. Honestly, this is a funny movie, but it makes me cry all through it. I love this partly because you can watch it and just see how great a dad Adam has to be to his own kids.

5 The Wedding Singer

I love any Adam Sandler movies that pair him with Drew Barrymore. This one is just awesome. I have all of Adam Sandler's comedy albums, and he does a lot of singing on them. He actually sings really well, even when he's going on about lunch ladies and decidedly less appropriate topics. I loved that he sang in this, plus I'm a sucker for the soundtrack. All that '80s goodness!

6 50 First Dates

Told you, I love it when he plays with Drew! This isn't quite believable, but it's an adorable, comedic little love story. I love how he always puts his friends in his movies, too. I actually love Rob Schneider, and he never shines more than when he plays with Adam.

7 Eight Crazy Nights

Yeah, I know. Seriously, though, this is one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies. I love that he is so proud of his religion and heritage, and tries to bring it into the mainstream. Is it an irreverent movie? Absolutely, but at the same time, it's really sweet. I confess, it actually makes me cry in places as well and, again, I love the singing! I guess all those versions of “The Hanukkah Song” should have prepared us for this.

8 The Waterboy

I love Bobby Boucher. I love it when Adam plays with really great actors and actresses – like Kathy Bates. She is just hilarious in this, Fairuza Balk is hot, and Henry Winkler is crazy amazing. I mean, Adam helped bring back the Fonz in his films, what could be better than that? Frankly, if you don't love this movie, then you're the debil!

9 Funny People

This is another one of those semi serious Adam Sandler movies where you can see him maturing a bit as both an actor and a writer, and it's great to see. It's like he's passing the torch a little bit to Seth Rogen, and I can now appreciate that. Besides, Eminem has a cameo in this. I'm sold.

10 Mr. Deeds

It's weird, but Adam manages to make remakes work even when they shouldn't. I adore this movie, especially that accent. He's just goofy loveable in this – and I do indeed love him for it. Plus, I love it when he plays with John Turturro, and this was a much better pairing than You Don't Mess with the Zohan.

To be perfectly honest, I … shouldn't have limited this to just ten Adam Sandler movies. I mean, there are tons of awesome ones. He's had his stinkers, like Punch-Drunk Love (...I liked it, though!) and You Don't Mess with the Zohan (um, I liked it too), but flicks like Anger Management, Spanglish, and Click were likewise awesome. And for the record, Little Nicky is missing only because I could not find a decent trailer to save my life! Maybe I'm just biased and doomed to enjoy even the worst Adam Sandler movies that come out, but I can't help it. I have serious Adam love. But what's your take on Adam Sandler movies, do you tend to love them or hate them?

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