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7 Fantastic Films from the Coen Brothers ...

By Lyndsie

Coen Brothers' Movies are among some of my favorites. Whether they're writing or directing (or both), I love Joel and Ethan Coen. They're edgy, quirky, and generally brilliant. As a result, most Coen brothers' movies are edgy, quirky, and generally brilliant. You can't ask for more than those things from any film. If you enjoy smart, funny, subtle films, then check out these amazing Coen brothers' movies and maybe we can be fan-girls (or guys) together!

Table of contents:

  1. Miller's crossing
  2. Fargo
  3. The big lebowski
  4. O brother, where art thou?
  5. True grit
  6. Barton fink
  7. Burn after reading

1 Miller's Crossing

One of the best Coen brothers' movies is Miller's Crossing. It's classic Coen with a noir twist, something the boys enjoy very much. They do it best in this film, however, which is set during Prohibition and features lots of darkness, criminal behaviors, and sex. Can't get better than that!

2 Fargo

You can't talk about Joel and Ethan Coen without mentioning this strange, dark, marvelous movie. The music is depressing and melancholy, creating a perfect score for the film. Frances McDormand's performance made the boys fall in love with her skills. And, of course, Steve Buscemi is just pure genius in this.

3 The Big Lebowski

This Coen brothers' movie is a total cult classic. Who doesn't love The Dude? It's all about Zen and bowling and Zen bowling and crime – it's amazing. Buscemi pops up in this as well, and he's pure genius again. John Goodman is the anti-Dan Conner, and he's great at it. Hell, even Tara Reid managed to be good in this.

4 O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I love this movie so much. I love the soundtrack, from the sirens singing to George Clooney and co. lip-syncing to “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow.” It's a brilliant take on The Odyssey, the story is imaginative, the acting is brilliant (I love John Turturro so much also), and the whole film is just infectious.

5 True Grit

I didn't want to like this movie. I didn't even want to see this movie, to be honest. I'm a John Wayne purist; I grew up watching the original True Grit with my dad. However, upon realizing that it was not a remake, but that it was based on the novel, I gave it a whirl. Besides, I love Jeff Bridges, and I admire the way so many Coen brothers' movies incorporate the same terrific actors. This movie is just beautiful. It's fantastic.

6 Barton Fink

This is classic Coen drama as well. It's dark and kind of creepy and sort of depressing, and those are all the aspects that make it a great film. It's another one of their period pieces, and it really takes you down deep into the seedy underground of show biz. Also? More John Turturro!

7 Burn after Reading

Not a lot of people liked this particular Coen brothers' movie, but I did. It's admitted hard to understand the first time around, it's kind of weird and really quirky, but I just … I liked it. I like weird and quirky. I also love it when George Clooney and Brad Pitt get cast together.

Most of my favorite Coen brothers' movies are subtle. They contain story arcs or characterizations you wouldn't quite expect. I also enjoyed No Country for Old Men, confess to being only one of a dozen people to like The Ladykillers (only because of Tom Hanks' ludicrous character), and Raising Arizona, but sadly I limited myself by only choosing to highlight seven films. Ah well, you live and learn. However, I do agree that Intolerable Cruelty was just awful. By and large, however, a lot of Coen brothers' movies are relevant, in some way. You can't always tell it, you have to look deep, but there's bound to be some way you can relate to these movies, whether it's the story or the characters. What are some of your favorite Coen brothers' movies? For that matter, let me know your favorite directors and writers, too!

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