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Netflix has so much to choose from, but where it stands out from other streaming services is that it has such a huge amount of indie movies to watch. I don’t live in an area where indie movies are in theatres very often, so this is a huge benefit for me. If you’re in the same boat and you’re looking to get your indie movie fix, these are the movies you should add to your list and spend some time watching this weekend!

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Alex of Venice

If you’ve ever felt a little lost, I am positive that you’ll love this movie. Alex of Venice stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead trying to find her way after her husband leaves her and she’s found herself trying to juggle her son, her dad, and her career. It could easily have taken a dark turn, but it never really does, instead, it just feels like you’re watching life happen to Alex.


The Skeleton Twins

When you see Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig starring together in a movie, you probably automatically think that it’s a laugh-out-loud comedy. While this movie is hilarious, there’s so much more to it than just a few laughs that I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t seen this movie about twins finding their way back to each other yet, it’s a movie that you really need to see.


Ira and Abby

Chris Messina and Jennifer Westfeldt are phenomenal in every single movie they’re attached to, so this movie is even more special. The pair stars as Ira and Abby, two people who get married the day that they meet each other. Chaos ensues as they learn about each other’s lives, and it doesn’t help matters that Ira is a stereotypical neurotic New Yorker while Abby is anything but. This movie has been on Netflix for a while, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to give it a chance this weekend.


Teacher of the Year

If you’ve seen, well, just about anything this year, you’d probably be surprised the Keegan-Michael Key found time to star in this movie. He’s also starred in Pitch Perfect 2, the second season of Playing House, and his own show Key and Peele, just to name a few. Some are saying that this is the greatest role of the year, though. This comedy centers on a high school and one teacher in particular who’s been asked to act as a “spokesperson for independent schools.” If you’ve ever worked in the education field, you’ll relate to this movie immensely, and you’ll definitely get a few laughs out of it.


For a Good Time, Call…

This movie features two enemies turned roommates and eventual best friends who can’t find jobs so they start a phone sex line. It seems outlandish a little crass, but that’s what makes this movie so funny. There are a ton of random celebrity cameos, and it’s such a funny movie that even if the premise makes you uncomfortable, you’ll have forgotten all about that by the end of the movie.


Men, Women, and Children

I’m pretty sure that nearly every celebrity stars in this movie, so I won’t go into the cast. It features an ensemble cast of people living in a town together, afraid of social media, technology, and what it’s doing to them. Everyone has their own ideas about how to handle it, but no matter what, it eventually blows up in their faces. It’s not exactly a sad movie, but it’s not exactly a comedy either. Regardless, it’s definitely a movie worth seeing.


Not Another Happy Ending

As someone who considers herself a romantic comedy connoisseur, I was a little put off by the title of this movie. Not another happy ending? I live for happy endings! Because of that, it took me a while to watch it, and now I’m mad that it took me so long! It feels a little bit like a Bridget Jones’s Diary movie, and not just because it’s a British romantic comedy. If you’re looking to fill the Bridget Jones void in your heart, give this movie a chance.

What are your favorite indie movies on Netflix? Give me some suggestions!

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