the Movies That Will Get You into the Holiday Spirit ...

By Neecey

 the Movies That Will Get You into the Holiday Spirit ...

The Holidays just aren’t the Holidays without the TV channels being filled with Christmas movies. Movies to make you laugh, movies to make you cry and all filled with the sentiments, sights and sounds of the holiday season. Let’s rekindle some Christmas movie memories or add to your menu to make new ones.

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1 Miracle on 34th Street

A magical movie about a young lawyer who defends an incarcerated old man who claims he is the real life Santa Claus.

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2 The Muppet Christmas Carol

Definitely my favorite Muppet movie, bringing their zany, hilarious brand of musical comedy to the classic Christmas story.

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Ladies, we know how a sultry movie can spice up a regular movie night at home. Thankfully, we've found an amazing list of hot movies that can turn that ordinary evening into an extraordinary one. Don't forget your popcorn because it's going to be an unforgettable cinematic experience.

3 It’s a Wonderful Life

This amazing story of personal redemption at Christmastime will knock your socks off. Quite simply one of the best films of any genre … ever.

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4 Home Alone

Most kids would crumble being left alone at Christmas, but not Kevin! He can handle himself just fine!

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5 Holiday Inn

This classic 40’s film introduced Bing Crosby’s version of White Christmas to us all, and for that alone it deserves to be high up on this list!

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6 A Christmas Story

A hilarious holiday classic from the 80s, giving you all of the laughs and festive feels that you need.

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7 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

You can’t go wrong with a National Lampoon movie, and their Christmas vacation is just as great as all of the others!

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8 The Nightmare before Christmas

Give your Christmas movie night a creepy twist with Tim Burton’s animated classic about the Pumpkin King taking over the holiday season.

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9 Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey never disappoints when it comes to comedy movies, and this Dr. Seuss inspired classic tale is no exception!

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10 Elf

Elf was a surprise smash hit in 2003 and ever since then it has become one of the most beloved modern Christmas movies.

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11 Joyeux Noel

An extraordinary tale of humanity. The story of a wonderful moment of festive friendship between two opposing armies in the trenches of WWI.

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12 Die Hard

Not your classic kind of Christmas movie, but perhaps the perfect choice for somebody who prefers a little more action!

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13 A Christmas Tale

A typically quirky French film about a big and varied family coming together for Christmas.

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14 The Apartment

Many people forget that The Apartment takes place over Christmas, but it gives you an excuse to watch one of the best movies ever made!

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15 The Shop around the Corner

The film that inspired the 90s hit You’ve Got Mail, The Shop Around The Corner is a fun festive romantic comedy that beats its remake … hands down!

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16 The Bishop’s Wife

The ‘trailer’ for this movie might be one of the strangest things ever, but trust me, the movie is great entertainment for Christmastime!

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17 The Santa Clause

Tim Allen stars in this hilarious Christmas movie about a man who has to take Santa’s place when he gets hurt on his roof!

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18 Meet Me in St. Louis

A wonderful classic from Hollywood’s golden age, and our first chance to see Judy Garland singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

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19 We’re No Angels

A rare comedy performance from Humphrey Bogart in this wacky movie about three convicts trying to escape their sentences just before Christmas!

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20 Love Actually

A modern British classic for the holiday season, starring some of our favorite movie stars of the last fifteen years.

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21 Gremlins

Let’s not forget that all of the mayhem in Gremlins occurs due to the weirdest Christmas gift of all time!

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22 Bad Santa

Probably best to put the kids to sleep before you watch this one. Sure, it’s a Christmas movie, but it’s definitely more naughty than the rest!

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23 Christmas in Connecticut

Another classic Christmas movie from the golden era. It will fill you with traditional Christmas vibes for sure.

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24 Trading Places

A classic comedy about two men, one poor and one rich, who trade places at Christmastime.

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25 Arthur Christmas

A delightful animation about Santa’s son, Arthur, who goes on a mission to deliver presents to a child who his father forgot.

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26 Holiday Affair

A fun old school Christmas movie full of love triangles, laughter and festive cheer.

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27 Scrooged

Bill Murray is as his usual comic best in this modern retelling of the Scrooge story, set in the 80s.

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28 White Christmas

Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye were at the height of their powers when they made White Christmas, an all dancing, all singing festive treat.

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29 While You Were Sleeping

A heart-warming story of love over Christmas, but perhaps not in the way that you might expect!

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30 Mixed Nuts

A quirky, sometimes melancholy comedy about the lives of a group of suicide helpline workers over Christmas.

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31 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Sequels hardly ever work, but in the case of the tried and tested Home Alone formula, there wasn’t much they could get wrong!

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32 3 Godfathers

You would be forgiven for thinking that a Christmas western would never work, but check this movie out; it definitely does!

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33 The Ref

The Ref is a hilarious movie about a burglar who spends Christmas with an annoying couple after he takes them hostage!

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34 The Best Man Holiday

A fun, heart-warming and humorous movie about a group of long time friends who spend a festive weekend together.

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35 The Family Stone

The Family Stone showcases all the awkwardness and hilarity that bringing a new partner home for Christmas can cause!

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36 Christmas with the Kranks

A really fun movie about a family who decide not to celebrate Christmas, but then face a mad rush to decorate when their daughter decides to come home for the holidays.

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37 A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

Another slightly more saucy Christmas comedy for those adults who want something more mature!

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38 About a Boy

One of Hugh Grant’s best movies, about the unusual friendship between him and a young boy that includes some Christmas cheer.

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39 A Christmas Carol

The animation in this 2009 Christmas Carol retelling is quite sensational, and the voice work of Jim Carrey is great!

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40 Just Friends

A classic 2000s style rom-com about a music producer who comes home for Christmas and reconnects with his first love.

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41 The Polar Express

Another completely stunning animation about the Polar Express train. Tom Hank’s character looks so much like the real him that it is quite unnerving!

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42 Unaccompanied Minors

An awesome festive comedy about a group of minors who are left unaccompanied in an airport on Christmas Eve!

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43 Jack Frost

A fun family movie about a dead rock star who comes back to life in the form of a snowman!

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44 Ernest Saves Christmas

A crazy slapstick comedy about a cynical teen who is taught the magic of Christmas by an array of quirky characters.

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45 Lethal Weapon

Much like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon is very much in the category of Christmas movies for people who don’t actually like real Christmas movies!

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46 The Holiday

A fun romantic comedy about two women who take the plunge and swap houses over the holiday period.

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47 Jingle All the Way

Everybody’s favorite guilty pleasure, a 90s Christmas classic starring Arnie as a dad who tries to find his son the must have gift of the year!

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48 Friday after Next

Ice Cube’s hilarious Friday franchise get’s involved in the Christmas movie game with this fast paced and funny sequel.

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49 Santa Claus : the Movie

Before Elf and Before The Santa Clause, there was this. Santa and Patch, his faithful elf, fight the dastardly plans of a toy tycoon to take over Christmas.

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50 Surviving Christmas

A funny comedy about a guy who goes home for Christmas only to find that his family no longer live there!

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Which movie makes Christmas for you?

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I love a Christmas movie marathon

Home alone series (1-5), Santa Baby (both), Elf and movies from the hallmark channel ( streamed).

All of these films are wonderful!


@Wendy I agree!

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