Funniest Holiday Movies to Watch This Year ...


Funniest Holiday Movies to Watch This Year ...
Funniest Holiday Movies to Watch This Year ...

Who doesn’t love a Christmas movie? You can watch a heart-wrenching story in the bosom of your loved ones and feel togetherness or you can stick on a comedy so the sound of laughter spreads joy all around. Whether for family gatherings or a snuggle with your SO, here are the Christmas movies guaranteed to make you laugh. Ho ho ho!

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A true modern Christmas classic, Elf has become part of our festive culture and has even made its way over to London in the form of a stage musical!

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National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The National Lampoon series of films are always perfect for when you want to have a good laugh, and their Christmas edition is certainly no exception!

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The traditional Scrooge story told in a hilarious way that only the likes of Bill Murray could! A modern take on a classic tale.

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The Santa Clause

A great family Disney movie about a normal guy who has to take Santa’s place when he has a little accident!

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Jingle All the Way

Arnie shows us all his more family oriented side in this great Christmas gem from the 90s, and we can all relate to that last minute rush to nab the must have gift!

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Bad Santa

This one starring Billy Bob Thorton isn’t exactly ‘family friendly’, but it will certainly fill you full of festive chuckles!

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Home Alone

A true certified Christmas family classic that will make parents fear leaving their kids alone and make the kids ready to take on any pesky burglars!

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The Nightmare before Christmas

The Tim Burton classic is not only morbidly funny but it also kills two birds with one stone by being both a Halloween movie and a Christmas movie!

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Love Actually

A great British Christmas ensemble movie with a hilarious cast of characters. Funny and heart warming in equal measure.

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The Holiday

A great romantic comedy with a fantastic cast about two women who decide to swap their entire lives around at Christmas.

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Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Can you think of anyone better than comic genius Jim Carrey to put a smile on your face at Christmastime? He steals the show in this big screen adaptation of a beloved Dr. Seuss tale.

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The Muppet Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is perhaps the most beloved of all the Muppet’s movies, and who can argue with a dream team like Kermit The Frog and Michael Caine?

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Four Christmases

Getting through one Christmas can be hard enough, so watch Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon try to make it through four with all of their families!

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Arthur Christmas

A wonderful animated comedy about Arthur, Santa’s son, and his mission to deliver presents to the one kid in the world who his father missed out.

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Christmas with the Kranks

Tim Allen is at it again in this Christmas movie about a family who try to avoid the holiday season as best they can!

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While You Were Sleeping

A sweet romantic comedy about a lonely woman who falls in love with a man in a coma and pretends to be his fiancé.

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Mixed Nuts

A quirky comedy about the lives of a few suicide helpline workers over the busy Christmas period.

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Just Friends

When a hot music producer goes home for Christmas, he’s torn between his old first love and his sexy new singer girlfriend.

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You might have to be British or appreciate British life and humor to truly enjoy this film which is based around the tradition of the school nativity play.

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The Perfect Holiday

A really enjoyable film about love and laughter over the Christmas period; just the right kind of thing to snuggle on the couch and watch.

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A Christmas Story

A hilarious 80s Christmas classic about a young boy and his family who are determined to get the present that they have always wanted.

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The Ref

A Christmas movie with a twist about a burglar who takes a family hostage, only to find them so annoying that he regrets every decision he’s made!

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Ernest Saves Christmas

Lovable know-it-all Ernest P. Worrell is enlisted to take place of Santa who has decided to retire. Enter a cast of comedic characters and a cynical teen.

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Deck the Halls

Neighborly rivalry spills over into the into the holiday season as two guys try to outdo each other with their holiday lights and decorations.

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Santa Claus: the Movie

Good meets evil. Good beats evil. The eternal battle comes to Chirtsmastime. Patch the Elf foils the plans of a toy tycoon who wants to takeover Christmas.

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Which funny Christmas movies are on your viewing menu this year?

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I liked the movie the grinch who stold Christmas.

Jingle all the way and National Lampoon are my faves! Classic lol

The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie🎄I also love While You Were Sleeping, but more as a rom com than a Christmas flick 😊

I can't bear Will Ferrell and I hate Elf. So f**king stupid. 

Eight crazy night Is a good Christmas movie too(:

I love them all.

I love watching Bridget Jones around Christmas time - has those holiday vibes! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Home Alone, Elf & other flicks with Reese Witherspoon

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