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Hilarious Explanations of Your Favorite Films ...

By Holly

If you ask someone what a movie is about, expect to be told misleading information. If you want to know the truth, check IMDB. Otherwise, you might not get the answer you were looking for. According to Imgur, here are a few badly explained film plots:

1 Harry Potter

Harry PotterWell, it's not a total lie.

2 The Titanic

The TitanicNow this is a little harsh.


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3 The Revenant

The RevenantAt least he finally got that Oscar!

4 Star Wars

Star WarsTo be fair, his dad isn't a very nice person.

5 Deadpool

DeadpoolIt makes this film sound a lot more inspirational than it actually is.

6 Batman

BatmanYou can't argue with that.

7 A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm StreetThat's about the nicest possible way to describe Freddy Krueger.

Can you come up with any funny film plots of your own?

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