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Romcoms That Don't Insult Your Intelligence ...

By Neecey

I love romcoms as much as the next girl but sometimes they just are too contrived. As smart women we want to be stimulated by romance in lots of different ways. We don’t always need fluff and fairy tales. When you want a romcom that more grounded in reality than fiction these are the movies that deliver.

1 The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Judd Apatow’s directorial debut can be seen as frivolous fun, but it’s an enjoyable romcom that isn’t centered around a group of gorgeous teenagers for once.

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2 (500) Days of Summer

This is definitely more of a hipster chick flick, with a great soundtrack from bands like The Smiths to cement its status as more than just a popcorn flick.

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3 Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget Jones’ secret weapon is its razor sharp British humo; sarcastic to the core and so effective for combating the soppy romance genre.

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4 Bull Durham

Bull Durham is a romantic movie that is disguised in the form of a baseball movie, giving both sexes something be interested in!

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5 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

One of the more unusual romcoms in recent years and a more serious movie that really gives you something to think about.

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6 Four Weddings and a Funeral

Another classic British comedy that boasts a stellar cast that elevates it from being just another silly romcom.

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7 Groundhog Day

Bill Murray gives one of his best performances in this movie that is definitely romantic but also absolutely hilarious too.

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8 High Fidelity

There is just something really cool about High Fidelity, from the awesome cast to the quirky setting and great soundtrack.

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9 In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes is actually a more intelligent movie than the trailers for it would suggest. It has some really interesting things to say about female and family relationships.

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10 Kissing Jessica Stein

A romantic comedy that displays a much more interesting dynamic than you usually get in films like this.

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11 L.a. Story

You know a movie is good when it takes Steve Martin eight years to perfect it!

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12 Lars and the Real Girl

Sure, it’s a movie about a guy who dates a blow-up doll, but believe me when I say that it is much more than meets the eye!

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13 Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen romcoms are always extra special, and Midnight in Paris is definitely one of his best in recent years.

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14 Moonstruck

Cher won an Oscar for her performance in this great romcom. One of my personal favorites and a great romantic story with hilarious moments.

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15 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Statistically the most successful romantic comedy of all time, this hilarious movie will have you rolling on the floor with laughter!

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16 Punch-Drunk Love

One of the few romcoms starring Adam Sandler that is actually enjoyable to watch if you are over the age of fourteen!

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17 Say Anything

One of the very best high school romantic comedies from the 1980s, John Cusack gives a great leading performance as a cool guy who falls for the straight A good girl.

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18 Sideways

Sideways is definitely a really mature romantic comedy; arguably a movie that only adults will truly understand and enjoy.

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19 Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper really shine in this romantic comedy about people who have gone through some real problems in their lives.

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20 There’s Something about Mary

Arguably the movie that really put Cameron Diaz on the map. It definitely has some silly moments but there is an unavoidable charm and sweetness about it too.

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21 The Upside of Anger

This movie has shades of Pride and Prejudice but with a modern twist, examining complex family relationships and romances.

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22 Vicky Christina Barcelona

Another mature Woody Allen movie that tells the story of the tense and bizarre relationship between two women and the same man.

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23 Wall-E

It’s hard to believe that an animated film about two robots in love can be so affecting, emotional and intelligent!

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24 Waitress

An underrated gem of a movie that doesn’t get as much publicity as it deserves about a young woman who is doing her best to figure her life out.

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25 While You Were Sleeping

An unusual romcom starring Sandra Bullock as a woman who falls in love with a man in a coma and pretends to be his girlfriend!

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26 As Good as It Gets

One of my most favorite movies ever. Love sneaks up on flawed Melvin in the form of waitress carol thanks to a pair of unlikely protagonists; Simon the gay man and his dog Verdell.

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27 Love Actually

Richard Curtis does it again. The tableaux of interwoven stories elevates this to the pinnacle of romcoms. It deals with so many issues of love and romance, your head will be spinning if it weren’t so enjoyable and easy to watch.

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