20 Best Romantic Comedies of the Decade ...

For all you lovebirds and hopeless romantics out there, I'm bringing you the best romantic comedies of the decade – likely with a few choice flicks from the past several years thrown in for good measure. We're steering clear of the biggest tearjerkers, because everyone needs a few good laughs with their love stories! I've polled the avid moviegoers in my circle of friends and acquaintances, as well as random romance addicts, so this is definitely a well-rounded list, in no particular order. That being said, if your favorite film didn't make my list of the best romantic comedies of the decade, prepare to share in comments!

1. High Fidelity

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High Fidelity is one of the best romantic comedies of the decade because you don't really expect it to be. It's actually a really smart, edgy movie, and you don't see that in a bunch of rom-coms. It's not at all predictable, so you aren't certain of a happy ending as you watch it. Plus, well, John Cusack proves that he's still got it.

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