7 Tearjerk Moments in Disney Movies ...


7 Tearjerk Moments in Disney Movies ...
7 Tearjerk Moments in Disney Movies ...

Along with the fun, laughter, and singing, there are also tearjerk moments in Disney movies. I don’t think any other animated or cartoon filmmakers could top Disney’s ability to get their audience crying rivers, while still making the movie a classic that everyone loves! As much as I hate crying, I never get enough of Disney movies and their tearjerk moments.

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When Oliver Roams the Streets of New York

Every time I see "Oliver and Company," I secretly hope someone will adopt Oliver and I won’t have to see him endure the pouring rain, running from vicious stray dogs, and sleeping under trucks! Thankfully the song playing during this tearjerk moment is uplifting and gives assurance that things will get better for Oliver!


When Eugene is Dying

I don’t know about you, but when I first saw "Tangled," this moment made me extremely angry. While fighting back tears, I sat in the first row of the theater loudly repeating, "He better not die!" As soon as Eugene whispered, "You were my new dream," the tears started flowing.


When Dumbo’s Mother Sings "Baby Mine"

This is a sad moment. Dumbo goes to see his mom locked up, and then she sings to him while she cuddles and rocks him. The whole situation is unfortunate. When poor little Dumbo shed his tears and wiped his little eyes with his mom’s trunk, I couldn’t keep from tearing up.


When Ray Dies

I consider this a tearjerk moment that caught me completely off guard. In the "Princess and the Frog" when the Shadowman hit Ray, I was convinced that he would be fine in the end. I made myself believe Disney wouldn’t let him die, and maybe the lady from the bayou would give him a healing potion or something! When I realized Disney was going to let Ray die, I got a little choked up. When another bright star gleamed in the sky next to Evangeline, I felt a lot better and the sad tears turn into tears of joy.


When Willow Tweed Leaves Todd in the Forest

I can’t bear to watch the "Fox and the Hound" more than once every 6 years! The whole movie is a cry-fest. When Willow Tweed leaves Todd alone in the forest, it breaks my heart and crushes my soul! Todd gets into the car thinking he’s going on a fun ride, Willow Tweed reminisces on the good times they had, and then she takes off his collar and just leaves him in the forest! And if that’s not enough, it starts to rain! "Goodbye may seem forever, farewell is like the end, but in my heart is a memory, and there you'll always be." This is one of the saddest tearjerk moments in Disney movies!


When Bambi Realizes His Mother is Dead

You’d think when Bambi’s mother is shot the tears would arrive immediately after. Nope! The waterworks don’t appear until after Bambi celebrates that they made it unharmed, then realizes his mother isn’t still behind him. He keeps calling out to her, but there’s no answer. Finally, his father appears and says, "Your mother can’t be with you anymore." After that moment, I don’t know how anyone can keep it together!


When Mufasa Dies

This famous tearjerk moment is the saddest of them all. Little Simba is out in the gorge practicing his roaring, when a stampede comes his way. Mufasa comes to the rescue, and then things go from bad to worse. Mufasa finally saves Simba, but he gets himself stuck in the stampede. Then the glorious moment arrives when Mufasa jumps out of the stampede and onto the cliff. The music is intense and has everyone’s adrenaline racing! It looks like he is going to survive, but Scar helps him to his death, and lets him fall off the cliff. That had to be the most disturbing death I’d ever seen in my childhood.

It’s crazy how Disney movies can make the audience feel so involved, even to the point of tears! Which of these tearjerk moments in Disney movies made you cry the most?

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In Up when the old man

I will NEVER get over Mufasa's death. He's the reason why I fell in love with lions. RIP Mufasa!

Absolutely to Toy Story 3. I feel sad just thinking about Andy giving up his toys!

The fox and the hound always!!

I cryer when Andy was giving his toys away

@Leah Kennedy I am to

I cry every single time I watch lilo

I love disney movies and I cry in most of them!! I cried in the jungle book!!

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