10 Amazing Young-Adult TV Dramas ...

Many of you have been requesting posts on the best young adult TV dramas, and since we always aim to please, I've got the top 10 right here! I asked a variety of teens and young adults on and offline to name their favorite dramas, and these were overwhelmingly popular. Some of them aren't with us any longer, but fortunately you can generally grab them off Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. If your favorite made the list, give us a squee in the comments – and if it didn't, make sure you share the young adult TV dramas you can't get enough of!

1. Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries is sort of perfection. I have a hate/hate relationship with Nina Dobrev, but I've been mad for Ian Somerhalder since his modeling days and still take great joy from his performances in Life as a House and Rules of Attraction. This show is what vampires should be, honestly; they don't sparkle, they're blood thirsty, their passions are often offset by their animal instincts, and you actually get to see the implications of their immortality. Although it's often called the TV version of Twilight, I strongly disagree. It's one of the best young adult TV dramas on right now because it has strong men, strong women, smoldering sex appeal, and interesting plot lines. Also, no sparkles. None. Except the stars in Ian's eyes. Sigh.