7 Popular Korean Dramas You'll Have a Blast Watching ...


7 Popular Korean Dramas You'll Have a Blast Watching ...
7 Popular Korean Dramas You'll Have a Blast Watching ...

Although I am not a loyal fan of Korean dramas, I like to enjoy them from time to time. I mean sure, they are way too dramatic but they can be pretty entertaining when you have a lot of time on your hands. You can actually grow so attached to them, to the point that you actually shed a tear or two and get so addicted that you can’t stop watching them until you are done with the series. So if you are willing to give them a chance, I have compiled a list of Korean dramas that you will enjoy watching.

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Boys before Flowers

Boys Before Flowers is one of the most popular Korean dramas that is about an ordinary girl, Geum Jan Di, whose family owns a dry cleaning store. After saving a student at Shin Hwa High School from committing suicide, she gets the chance to actually attend this prestigious school. However, she becomes the target of the leader of the group F4, which consists of four richest and most popular boys in the school. Surprisingly, over time she gets attached to two of the boys, forming a love triangle. I’ll admit it, this drama was totally worth watching!


City Hunter

However, if you are not a fan of mushy dramas but still love a little bit of romance, City Hunter would be the perfect fit for you. The plot revolves around Lee Yoon Sung, a MIT-graduate who works in the international communications team in the Blue House. He and his surrogate father set a goal of getting revenge on five politicians who were the cause of his father’s death. However, throughout the course of completing his plan, he falls in love with a girl who guards the person he has to assassinate. This is truly a great drama that has a good balance between romance and action.


You’re Beautiful

You’re Beautiful revolves around Mi Nyu, who impersonates her twin brother as the new member of the famous idol group A.N.JELL. She first agreed to the task because she didn’t want to spoil her brother’s chance of becoming famous, and their chance of finding their real mother. Eventually she falls on love with the leader of the band, which becomes really awkward. If you are looking for a lot of laughs in a drama, You’re Beautiful will not let you down.


Full House

Full House is one of the older series that first got me into Korean dramas. It is about a naïve writer, Han Ji Eun, who lost everything she had to her best friends. She manages to borrow some money and return to Korea, only to find out that her house was purchased by Lee Young Jae. In order to get her possessions back, she decides to enter a one-year marriage contact with Lee Young Jae, only to later realize that they are both falling for each other. This is a quality drama with an interesting twist!


Love Rain

Although this drama didn’t receive great reviews, for some reason I really enjoyed it! The series is first set in 1970s, when we learn about a couple that was destined to be together, but then ended up being torn apart. Then we are transported into the 21st century and introduced to a love story of Seo Joon and Jung Ha Na, who are actually the children of the first couple. Now we are posed the question of will they suffer the same fate as their parents or end up being together?


"Love Rain" tugs at the heartstrings with its beautiful blend of past and present tales of romance. It reminds us profoundly that love, despite the era, holds the same poignant beauty and pain. The series allows viewers to indulge in nostalgia with its carefully crafted 70s backdrop before thrusting them into the modern world's take on affection and heartache. Seo Joon and Jung Ha Na's journey, filled with tender moments and lingering glances, raises the stakes, making us root for their happiness and love's triumph over the complications of fate and family history.


Dream High

Dream High is set at Kirin High School of Arts that is specifically for students who aspire to become superstars. The story follow the lives of a group of students from different backgrounds as they come together and make their way up to stardom. The plot is very engrossing and the storyline tends to move along pretty quickly. There is also an underdog story within the plot that you will definitely enjoy watching.


The Heirs

The Heirs is actually one of the current dramas that is coming to an end in early December. It is basically a romantic story about high school students who attend the most prestigious school in the country. They learn about love and friendship, through another love triangle that viewers always tend to love. This drama is filled with love struggles, drama and plot twists!

Korean dramas are very unique and different from other television shows. You either love them or hate them. However, I tend to find them entertaining even during the most melodramatic scenes since you can always make fun of the situation. What is one of your favorite Korean dramas? Share in the comments!

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"You're Beautiful" is my first and favorite drama. It has a lot of m favorite actors, and the music is gorgeous!

The heirs

Moon embracing the sun: hot guys, lovely costumes, and great ost!

i think you shoud add I M SORRY I LOVE YOU too.. it was such an emotional drama with full of love!!

Man from the star!

a gentleman's dignity is probably my most favourite, it was hilarious and the cast was perfect! dating agency cyrano comes close after.

as for korean variety i must say 2 days 1 night is no match against running man. most addictive and entertaining korean show ive seen up to date, it has taught me a lot too!

Finally, something on a korean drama. <3 I love them. I'm watching 3 right now at the same time. Miss Korea, Beautiful Man, and Prime Minister is Dating. My favorite is Boys over Flowers. I cry every episode.

All of them are worth it! I would add "The Moon Embracing the Sun" to the list. Amazing drama along with a great cast and overall a !! As well as "Master's Sun"!

can anyone suggest a genderblender korean drama plz

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