7 Popular Korean Dramas You'll Have a Blast Watching ...

Although I am not a loyal fan of Korean dramas, I like to enjoy them from time to time. I mean sure, they are way too dramatic but they can be pretty entertaining when you have a lot of time on your hands. You can actually grow so attached to them, to the point that you actually shed a tear or two and get so addicted that you can’t stop watching them until you are done with the series. So if you are willing to give them a chance, I have compiled a list of Korean dramas that you will enjoy watching.

1. Boys before Flowers

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Boys Before Flowers is one of the most popular Korean dramas that is about an ordinary girl, Geum Jan Di, whose family owns a dry cleaning store. After saving a student at Shin Hwa High School from committing suicide, she gets the chance to actually attend this prestigious school. However, she becomes the target of the leader of the group F4, which consists of four richest and most popular boys in the school. Surprisingly, over time she gets attached to two of the boys, forming a love triangle. I’ll admit it, this drama was totally worth watching!

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