7 Fun Movies to Watch This New Year's Eve ...

December 31st is here and if you aren’t able to participate in the festivities then kick back at home with your loved ones and choose a few movies to watch this New Year’s Eve. There are a number of fantastic movies I love to watch at this time of year – some are holiday themed, some are not. Perhaps you are a bit burnt out from Christmas activity or simply want to chill at home. If you are looking for a few suggestions, we have a list of seven fun movies to watch this New Year’s Eve while relaxing at home.

1. New Year’s Eve

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We begin our list of movies to watch this New Year’s Eve with a movie named for the occasion! New Year’s Eve is about more than just the celebrations. It’s an entertaining group of vignettes about the lives of strangers on New Year’s Eve. It has everything from strangers in an elevator, and long lost love to New Year’s Day childbirth competition. I like this movie in general, but my favorite story concerns a secretary and her list of resolutions! It’s a particularly heartwarming story and inspiring. The music is fun and the cast of familiar faces is decent, and we get to see the NYE ball drop in Times Square…after a brief mishap.

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