7 Action Movies Both You and Your Boyfriend Will Love ...

If your guy is like mine, there are a lot of action movies that are watched when the two of you watch movies together. At our house, there are three kinds of movies viewed: chick flicks, kid movies and action movies. Since I naturally love chick flicks and like most kids movies, I only had to learn to love the action movies my husband loves. I have actually found several that I really liked, too.

1. The a-Team

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The A-Team is one of the great action movies. It has a star studded cast including Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel and Liam Neeson. This group of rough guys is returning from Iraq to find they are coming home to accusations of some serious crimes they did not commit. They face lots of adventure and action, which made my husband happy. There was a bit of a love story element that kept me happy, too.

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