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7 Action Movies Both You and Your Boyfriend Will Love ...

By Alicia

If your guy is like mine, there are a lot of action movies that are watched when the two of you watch movies together. At our house, there are three kinds of movies viewed: chick flicks, kid movies and action movies. Since I naturally love chick flicks and like most kids movies, I only had to learn to love the action movies my husband loves. I have actually found several that I really liked, too.

1 The a-Team

The A-Team is one of the great action movies. It has a star studded cast including Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel and Liam Neeson. This group of rough guys is returning from Iraq to find they are coming home to accusations of some serious crimes they did not commit. They face lots of adventure and action, which made my husband happy. There was a bit of a love story element that kept me happy, too.

2 Red 2

This is one of the best. This movie has it all: action, romance and tons of comedy. Bruce Willis stars as Frank Moses, an ex-CIA agent who wants to live a normal life so badly. Unfortunately, fate won’t allow that to happen. He gets pulled right back into the midst of a high adrenaline international situation. All the while, he just wants to protect his girl, who is proving to be tougher than he thought.

3 Parker

This movie stars Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez. I wondered how they would do together but they actually teamed up beautifully. Jason Statham plays Parker, who is a thief ready to take revenge on his former crew for crossing him. He teams up with Leslie, a real estate agent played by Lopez, to find them. Leslie ends up getting way more involved than Parker wanted her to be but all’s well that ends well.

4 Lawless

I want to warn you that this movie is very violent, something that is usually an instant turn off for me. But I am so in love with the style of dress from the '20s through the '60s that I will overlook a lot to enjoy that. Anyways, the costumes in this movie set in the Prohibition era are beautiful, as is the acting. This movie stars Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy and has a very touching love story that you will adore. Just hide your eyes against your guy’s shoulder like I did during the rough parts and enjoy the rest.

5 Warrior

Warrior is an awesome movie and I haven’t talked to anyone who hasn’t enjoyed it. It is the story of two brothers who compete in mixed martial arts. They have drifted apart but end up facing off in the ring, brother against brother. This movie stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. It is a can’t miss flick.

6 Knight and Day

This movie is just a lot of fun. It has Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in it. Cameron Diaz plays June, who accidentally gets in the path of Roy Miller, played by Tom Cruise. Roy is a secret agent on the run from the Secret Service. Poor June gets tranquilized, transported and scared out of her mind with all of the antics she ends up being a part of. She ends up being tougher than either of them thought she was and actually decides that this Roy Miller isn’t so bad after all.

7 White House down

White House Down stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. John Cale is actually on a tour of the White House with his daughter when the White House is attacked by terrorists. He has the training to know what to do and is actually in the process of applying for a job with the Secret Service. He has to get back with his daughter, who was separated from him during the attack. Additionally, the job of keeping the president safe and getting him out of the line of danger falls to him.

These action movies were all enjoyable to both my husband and I. What action movies have been a hit with both you and your boyfriend? I will add your suggestions to my list of wish to see movies!

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