7 Great Films to Watch with Your Best Friend ...

After a tough work week, a bad breakup or if you’re just in desperate need of some down time, having films to watch with your best friend could be a good time to unwind together. Depending on the mood you’re in or your own personal taste in movies, your list of films to watch with your best friend might strongly differ from mine. But trust me. These 7 flick picks will keep you and the bestie happily entertained at home for an evening without the guys.

1. Mean Girls

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In Lindsay Lohan’s last respectable movie role, she really brought a likability to the character of Cady Heron. Formerly home-schooled by her zoologist parents, Cady is new to the social intricacies of high school. As if socializing in high school isn’t tough enough already, Cady is lost to the rules of the cliques and finds herself stuck between her arty friends on the fringe of high school and the ultra-popular Plastics who rule the school. It’s an honest yet funny look into high school life, with an all-star cast that includes comedic veteran Tina Fey. If you’re planning a night in, Mean Girls should definitely make the list of films to watch with your best friend.

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