9 80's Film Characters We Would Love to Be ...


9 80's Film Characters We Would Love to Be ...
9 80's Film Characters We Would Love to Be ...

There's no denying that 80's film characters were incredibly cool (well, that's if you grew up in the 80's, like me.) If you spent your childhood wanting to be one of the 80's film characters from your favorite films, then you're going to love the following article....

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Sgt Lavell Jones (Police Academy)

Sgt Lavell Jones (Police Academy) That's right, the sound effects guy (haven't you ever wished you could make a noise like a helicopter or a machine gun opening fire?) - he's totally cool! In fact, I think he's one of the coolest 80's film characters.


Josh Baskin (Big)

Josh Baskin (Big) Most of us probably wished we could be Josh when we were younger - not just because he got to be Tom Hanks, but because how cool would it be to be a kid inside the body of a grownup? Plus there was that giant piano....


Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)

Veronica Sawyer (Heathers) Who wouldn't want to be part of the Heather clique? Well, if that meant you got to date JD (the gorgeous Christian Slater)? Not to mention that Winona Ryder looks so pretty in the movie - totally a cool 80's film character.


Uncle Buck (Uncle Buck)

Uncle Buck (Uncle Buck) If you didn't love John Candy's crude, crass portrayal of the ultimate 80's uncle...there's something wrong with you! He might have made his niece Tia cringe, but he had a heart of gold, and he was so much fun. Remember when he turned up at school in the backfiring car?


Any of the Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters)

Any of the Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters) Admit it, you wanted to capture ghosts as much as I did - plus you thought Slimer was totally cool. Or maybe you wanted to be April? I'd have liked to be Ray Stantz, but they were all pretty awesome.

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Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) Ok, so she might be animated, but she's still the ultimate femme fatale with perfect curves; and that red hair! Not to mention her sexy, sultry singing. Who wouldn't want to be her?


Tony Montana (Scarface)

Tony Montana (Scarface) One of the most epic gangsters of the 80's, Tony Montana's enormous power and criminal empire just made him so cool. Plus there's the unforgettable line, 'say hello to my little friend.'


Sarah (Labyrinth)

Sarah (Labyrinth) Jennifer Connolly is gorgeous in Labyrinth and won the hearts of both boys and girls in the 80's when the film was released. I loved her dark hair and the dress she wears at the start of the movie, and at the ball. Plus she gets to have the most amazing adventures! Her character is definitely one of my favorites from the 80's.


Kim (Edward Scissorhands)

Kim (Edward Scissorhands) Winona Ryder's character from Edward Scissorhands is not only gorgeous and blonde, she gets to fall in love with Johnny Depp too - what could be better than that? It's one of my favorite films from when I was growing up, so I'd love to be her character!

The 1980s had so many great films that have become classics that it's hard to pick just 9 movie characters I loved. Films like Princess Bride and Pretty in Pink were all we talked about when I was at school, although actually we were still pretty young when those were released! Everyone will have their own favorites from the 80s - so what are some of your favorite films and characters?

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I wanted to be drop dead Fred when I was a kid

Gotta love Ferris Bueller!

mr miyagi of the karate kid

I might be a 90's kid but i think i would be jessica rabbit, the curvy girl who sings haha

Veronica sawyer yes!!love the movie and if course mr slater

Hmmm...... I ONLY know number 9.

I wanted to be Sarah from The Labyrinth when I was growing up.

i am an 80s kid and i enjoyed this article, thank you! Edward Scissorhands is one of my all time favorites. And for me these are some of the unforgettable 80s characters -- Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) of Say Anything, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) , "Maverick" (Tom Cruise) Top Gun, "Baby" (Jennifer Grey) Dirty Dancing, and ok everyone from The Breakfast Club! and i wanted to be Andie of Pretty In Pink!

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