8 Classic Comedies to Crack You up ...


8 Classic Comedies to Crack You up ...
8 Classic Comedies to Crack You up ...

Classic comedies are always good for a laugh. Because laughing is good for the soul, I like to keep a good set of classic comedies handy for a lazy Sunday or anytime I’m feeling down. If you need a pick me up, a good comedy could do the trick! Here is a list of classic comedies to crack you up.

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Coming to America

When it comes to classic comedies, this is always the first one to come to my mind. ‘Coming To America’ is nothing short of hilarious. Eddie Murphy is at his absolute best in perhaps his most popular role. Well, that’s hard to say, as he’s had a number of great roles. But his role as Akeem in ‘Coming To America’ is tops in my book! If you want to laugh from beginning to end, pop this one on for sure.


Trading Places

Another classic comedy featuring Eddie Murphy is ‘Trading Places.’ This one also stars Dan Aykroyd, who is a top name on the classic comedian roster. Remember ‘Ghostbusters’? So funny, right? Well, ‘Trading Places’ is a cute movie with a solid ending. Rest assured that you’ll laugh a bunch before you reach the end of the movie.


The Jerk

This is a classic comedy that I personally didn’t see until recently. A lot of people grew up on this one, though, which makes it a classic for sure! Steve Martin is hilarious and endearing as he gets in and out of all kinds of precarious situations. This is a good one to have on hand if you’re stuck inside on a snowy day, or if you and your snuggle buddy – be it your boyfriend or your kitty – are bored and need a good laugh.


The Big Lebowski

Classic, classic, classic! ‘The Big Lebowski’ is out-of-control hilarious. It for sure tops the list of classic comedies. Not so much for an afternoon of giggles, though. This is a film you play if you have company on an evening and you need some active entertainment. Each character in this movie is completely over the top, making it constant laughs all the way through. Pour yourself a White Russian, cuddle up, and enjoy.


Dumb & Dumber

If you’re a fan of ridiculously dumb comedies, it doesn’t get any ‘dumber’ than this one. And what’s not to love about old school Jim Carrey? ‘Dumb & Dumber’ tops many a classic comedy list. Make sure it’s in your film library for days you’re feeling low and need a good chuckle. There are so many great one-liners and, if you’ve seen it before, this movie is sure to bring back happy memories. Mock. (Yeah!) Ing. (Yeah!) Bird.


Blazing Saddles

A classic comedy for sure, ‘Blazing Saddles’ proves that true comedy never gets old. Released in 1974, ‘Blazing Saddles’ is a tale of pioneer-period America and the hilariousness that ensued. Gene Wilder – whom I knew before this as Willy Wonka – plays a key role alongside Mel Brooks and Madeline Kahn. This film is part of a collection of movies by funny man Mel Brooks. ‘Young Frankenstein’ is another great option from Brooks. Why not have a mini Mel Brooks marathon to really crack yourself up?


The Princess Bride

‘The Princess Bride’ is such a beautiful movie! If you’ve read the book, it’s really cute and quite comical. But the movie just places the tale in a whole new ballpark of hilarious. If you like fairytales and also love a good laugh, this is for sure the movie for you. Plus you get to see a young and adorable Fred Savage of ‘The Wonder Years’ fame. This one is a great option if you want to get the family all together for a good laugh.


Monty Python and the Holy Grail

If you’re into quirky comedy that’s silly, witty, and smart then ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ is a good choice for you. Set in medieval times, this movie is full of ridiculous knights, intellectually challenged royalty, and so much more. This was a favorite of mine when I was younger. It’s always good for a bunch of laughs.

Now you’re prepared to laugh for days with a good list of classic comedies to crack you up. What are your favorite classic comedies? What movie makes you laugh when you’ve had a long week? Please share!

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