7 Movies All Teenage Girls Should Watch ...


7 Movies All Teenage Girls Should Watch ...
7 Movies All Teenage Girls Should Watch ...

As a teenager, I really found myself falling in love with the world on the silver screen; as a result, I can’t help but think there are some movies all teenage girls should watch. Discovering new films as a teenager allows you to spend many movie marathon sleepovers with popcorn and PJs, and these sleepless nights are some of my favourite memories! When arranging a movie marathon, consider this list of movies all teenage girls should watch. Don’t worry – no spoilers, so relax and read without caution!

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Mean Girls

Topping the list of movies all teenage girls should watch has to be the ultimate teenage bitch-fest that is Mean Girls. The film is full of borderline humour, cringe-worthy clichés, dated fashion and some eye candy. Staring Lindsay Lohan at her best before her drastic fall from Hollywood grace and the fantastic Rachel McAdams on her ascent to superstardom, we see the plastics, led by the vile but beautiful Regina George. Despite bursting with fantastic characters, the dry humour of Janis Ian (played by the wonderful Lizzy Caplan) is bound to make you choke on your chocolate. Almost 10 years since its release, I still adore the film.


Thelma and Louise

The ultimate film of friendship and dedication, Thelma and Louise is also the ultimate film to watch with your BFF, your little sister or in a girly sleepover. This unlikely duo, played by Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, embark on a weekend away, which takes a devastating turn for the worse. On their journey they come across a young outlaw, played by a beautiful Brad Pitt (that should be enough of an incentive for any young girl to invest in the DVD!). In the face of all the problems they encounter, the bond between the two goes from strength to strength, which is why it’s the perfect film for female solidarity.



Another film about friendship overcoming all problems is this this film starring the Divine Miss M (Bette Midler to those younger readers). Two young girls, from two different backgrounds and two very different worlds, become the best of friends. But, their friendship is compromised on more than one occasion. Despite all the obstacles before them, we see that true love, which can only be shared between best friends, conquers all.



Today, sadly, all teenagers or young people can relate to a form of dysfunction. This movie centres on a divorced family where the father has shacked up with his new, half his age, girlfriend (played by Julia Roberts). Not surprisingly, the children are less than impressed, and strive to show solidarity with their mother, played by the fantastic Susan Sarandon. The film focuses on the difficult task of establishing a bond with the new stepmom, the guilt of doing so in regards to mother, and in case that doesn’t pull at your heartstrings quite enough, the family is faced with the devastation of illness. A certain tearjerker, that, and if you're ever in need of a cry, watch out for the restaurant scene (anyone who’s seen the movie knows what I mean). Pass me the tissues!


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Now, parents, please don’t wince. When I was an awkward teen, I was obsessed with this movie, and I hope that doesn’t say too much about me! The third movie on the list to star Mrs Sarandon shows her in a very different light. This controversial and somewhat ridiculous musical is the ultimate guilty pleasure. The cross dressing, the gold hot-pants, the not-so-subtle innuendo…this is a movie teenage girls should watch at midnight with their buddies for one simple reason: it epitomises the right to be different.


Bring It on

This tongue in cheek take on cheerleading is a film that myself and my teenage friends used to love – and yes, we all knew the opening scene cheer-sequence by heart (and I’ll admit, I’m currently singing it in my head as I type!). The premise may seem far from original, but the film focuses on the popular cheerleaders ‘welcoming’ the not-so-popular new girl into the team in preparation for the up and coming competition. Despite the slightly predictable plot, the awesome gymnastics, music and friendships make it a lovely film to watch with the girls!



This dark comedy stars Rose McGowan as the evil queen bee. As a birthday prank takes a sinister turn we can see the hive revolt and decide to do what is right. And, of course, the plot concludes in true teen-movie style, at the prom! A dark, funny and slightly twisted account of teenage tantrums which is bound to help pass an evening with a smirk or two!

These are all movies that I loved to indulge in as a teenager, and many of which I still love as a grown up. Each of these films bring back certain memories of certain friends and certain events. Which films did you love as a teen? Which films would you recommend to today’s teens?

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The notebook is fantastic ! And definitely clueless

Mean girlsss!!!

White chicks!! My fav!!

Omg no one I've ever met has seen Jawbreaker and it's the best!

I absolutely LOVE the Rocky Horror Picture Show! That and The Breakfast Club are my go to movies on a bad day.

I hate john tucker must die


love it

Mean girls love it:)

i'll watch some of these today with my bestie! thankyou

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