7 Movies All Teenage Girls Should Watch ...

As a teenager, I really found myself falling in love with the world on the silver screen; as a result, I can’t help but think there are some movies all teenage girls should watch. Discovering new films as a teenager allows you to spend many movie marathon sleepovers with popcorn and PJs, and these sleepless nights are some of my favourite memories! When arranging a movie marathon, consider this list of movies all teenage girls should watch. Don’t worry – no spoilers, so relax and read without caution!

1. Mean Girls

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Topping the list of movies all teenage girls should watch has to be the ultimate teenage bitch-fest that is Mean Girls. The film is full of borderline humour, cringe-worthy clichés, dated fashion and some eye candy. Staring Lindsay Lohan at her best before her drastic fall from Hollywood grace and the fantastic Rachel McAdams on her ascent to superstardom, we see the plastics, led by the vile but beautiful Regina George. Despite bursting with fantastic characters, the dry humour of Janis Ian (played by the wonderful Lizzy Caplan) is bound to make you choke on your chocolate. Almost 10 years since its release, I still adore the film.

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