7 Binge-Worthy Series on Netflix That'll Get You Hooked ...


7 Binge-Worthy Series on Netflix That'll Get You Hooked ...
7 Binge-Worthy Series on Netflix That'll Get You Hooked ...

There are so many fantastic series on Netflix. To be honest, I rarely keep up with real-time TV because I’m always binge-watching a new series on Netflix! For this list, I tried to focus on shows that were already over, that way you could watch the entire series. However, there are a few exceptions, but they’re all worth checking out! Check out the list and then feel free to tell me what shows I should binge-watch next!

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Prison Break

Prison Break Oh my God. Where do I even start? Michael Scofield will become your heart when you watch this series. You catch yourself rooting for these prisoners and it’s just insane, really. It’s been over for a few years, but I watched the entire series this year and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t watched it sooner. Theres so much I want to say, but I don’t want to give any spoilers out if you’re planning to watch it! This show will always be my number one favorite series on Netflix.



Lost When I started watching Lost, I forgot that life outside of my room existed. This series kept me up all night with my eyes glued to the screen. Sure, it’s been over for a few years now, but it’s never to late to hop onto the Lost bandwagon. The good thing about starting it now is that if you have friends who’ve already watched it, you can text them obsessively throughout every episode. Yep, that was exactly what I did. My friends hated me but I had to let everyone know how much I loved the show. If you’re into the whole “mess with your mind”, “nothings what it seems” type of show, then please watch this.


Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black If you haven’t heard of this show, you’ve been living under a rock. I watched the entire first season in just a matter of days. Each ending of an episode leaves you wanting more, which will definitely keep you up all night. They’re already filming season two, so if you haven’t watched yet, you still have time! This is another series that’ll have you rooting for prisoners, but hey no one’s judging. P.S Matt McGorry is in it and you’ll fall in love with him!



Scrubs This series is definitely in my top 5 of favorite TV shows, ever. I can’t believe that I didn’t watch it when it was actually airing! However, I did watch the entire series on Netflix. There’s episodes that’ll leave you in tears from laughing so much. Zach Braff and Donald Faison should work together always! I just recently got my sister hooked on this show and I’ll admit it, I’ve been re-watching it too. It’s just one of those shows that’ll never get old.


The Office

The Office Did anyone else bawl at the series finale of The Office? Michael Scott is everything. I was seriously looking into joining some type of support group for The Office withdrawals! With it being on Netflix, I re-watch seasons whenever I want. If you’ve never really got into the show, please do yourself a favor and start now. Your stomach will be hurting from laughing so much after the first episode!


Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy They’re on their tenth season right now but Netflix has seasons 1-9! I remember being so hooked on this show that my dreams consisted of predicting what would happen in the next episode. I’ve spent weeks binge-watching this series, and let me tell you, I have no regrets. You’ll get so invested in all of the characters. Fair warning: you’ll cry in just about every season finale.


Arrested Development

Arrested Development This series is truly hilarious. I remember binge-watching the seasons and finishing in just a matter of days. Michael Cera is adorable in this show! In case you didn’t know, Arrested Development had been canceled BUT then brought back for a new season which was released just on Netflix. So, if you haven’t already seen it, do it! You’ll be cracking up in each episode.

That sums up my list for binge-worthy series on Netflix. I know there’s a lot more shows on there so I tried to focus on the ones that already ended, that way you could watch the entire series online! Grey’s Anatomy was an exception to the list because, well, it’s Grey’s Anatomy. Have you watched all these series?

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I LOVE Lost and Orange is the New Black! Seriously, if you haven't already, give Lost a chance. My mom and I couldn't get enough and we can't find any show that's as good. Some others are Doctor Who, Vampire Diaries, Switched at Birth, Pretty Little Liars, How I Met Your Mother...there are so many! Eek!

Greys anatomy

Doctor Who !

What's up with that picture for Scrubs? Those aren't the actors I remember!

American horror story

Prison break: the best one I've watched so far!!! Changed my view about many things, and completely fell in love w Michael

Don't forget about Dexter and Nip/Tuck! ??

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