7 Awesome Katherine Heigl Movies to Watch with Your Gal Pals ...

If you're looking for some movies to watch the next time you get together with the girls, you should rent some Katherine Heigl movies. While many people know her best for her role on Grey's Anatomy, she has played some memorable characters over the years. From her portrayal of Alison in Knocked Up to Abby in The Ugly Truth, many of her movies are definitely worth watching. Here's a list of my favorite Katherine Heigl movies. See if your favorite made the list.

1. The Ugly Truth

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One of my favorite Katherine Heigl movies is The Ugly Truth. Each time I watch this movie, I always find something new to laugh about. This movie tells the story of a somewhat uptight television producer named Abby, who's romantically challenged and a bit of a control freak. In an attempt to improve ratings, Abby's boss hires Mike, who is a male chauvinist, who completely disagrees with everything that Abby believes about men. To prove that he knows how men think, Mike offers to help Abby in her quest to get a man and she accepts. Watch to see if Mike can prove his theories about men are true.

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