7 Amazing Movies for Girls Who Loved "Pitch Perfect"๐Ÿ“ฝ ๐ŸŽผโค๏ธ ...

Pitch Perfect has found it's way into all of our hearts If you've already seen the first and second one, you're going to need some other films to watch until the third movie is released. However, you don't have to look any further, because here are a few movies to watch if you love Pitch Perfect:

1. Step up

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Pitch Perfect has plenty of singing, but if it doesnโ€™t have enough dancing for your taste, then you should think about watching Step Up. After all, Magic Mike isnโ€™t the only movie that Channing Tatum shakes his hips in. His pretty face and chiseled chest are also involved in this film, which is all about dancing. If you end up loving the movie, then you donโ€™t have to worry, because there are four more of them for you to enjoy!

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